Carl, Tomas, Tom, Ham, John, MaineBob, Joss present

  1. MCM will organize a facilitator to set and run board meeting. Ham so moves, it is seconded and passed.
  2. PayPal is now a MCM account. Tom and Dan have set it up, a little money will be put in it, and it will be operational by the end of 2022.
  3. Tom Beal is the new registrar. He and Tomas will get together to pass on the knowledge of registrar.
  4. Ham asks if it is alright to solicit for feedback of the weekend from members. Ham so moves, there is a second, motion is passed. Ham wants to serve the needs of men who come to the weekends.
  5. Carl offers the energy of the weekend was great, it was a good mix of new men and returning members.
  6. There has been a communication from Mainely Men to MCM suggesting we have some interaction. Their numbers have fallen. Tomas will send an email to Mainely Men.
  7. Tomas suggests we reach out to men who have come to weekends in the past but not recently. Is there something they would like?
  8. Tomas mentions that Dave is gone and do we need a president and other officers? Ham suggests we rotate. Tom will do the next meeting and develop the agenda format.
  9.  Fundraising was mentioned and what would be done with funds. Several men remembered a time when money was spent outside of MCM programs. Perhaps a little impulsively. The plan was then to require that $3,500 be maintained in the MCM account which would mean that there would be no money for projects outside of MCM as the balance would be less than $3,500.
  10. Tomas presented the idea of paying officers such as president and other officers who do a lot of administrative work in addition to running the weekend and business meetings as a change. Joss spoke to say he did not think it was necessary but it was only his opinion.
  11. Carl asked if we could have a more expansive view of society and would do such as things as funding activities in the community. Live events would make a footprint in the community. This would also make more men aware of MCM. Ham askes what do we want to do other than the weeend. The mini series which started during the Covid has been helpful in showing men what MCM is about and a way to get together.
  12. Tom moves that Jay Collier be given access to the website. There is a second and it is passed. Jay has experience fundraising and do that for MCM.
  13. Tomas will host the next mini series and a theme will be announced.
  14. Ham will do the December meeting.

    Next Board Meeting is Thursday. January 5
    Submitted, Joss Coggeshall