Join us, as a community of men, for a weekend retreat of sharing and support, exploring these issues and beyond, providing one another with ideas and experiences for encouragement along the path. We welcome all self-identified men with respect and good will to be part of Maine Coast Men.

Who Attends

Any man who wants to register is welcome; we believe in diversity and mutual acceptance. There will be men of all ages and walks of life including fathers, sons, brothers and friends. Teens (14 to 18) may attend for free accompanied by a parent or a guardian with parental permission.

Maine Coast Men strives to provide a safe, fulfilling, chemical-free environment that fosters individual growth and encourages honest, in-depth interaction among men. We welcome all self-identified men with respect and good will.

About the Camp

Tanglewood is in a remote wooded area with hiking trails and a warm, welcoming central lodge. Some cabins have heat; others don’t. You can camp if you want. Fires in designated places only! Let us know if you need electricity for CPAP machine.

The Auction Returns!

During past weekends, MCM has held an auction with items that men donate to help MCM stay financially strong as well as providing scholarships to any man wishing to attend the weekend. Feel free to bring an item for the auction and the story behind it. We have had everything from CD collections to books to winter coats and even a working generator. It is a wonderful time, so bring a little extra cash to bid with.


Do you just want to sound off about something or ask a question to which you don’t have the answer? Want to brainstorm some topic with others? Claim one of the fireplaces for a conversation pit and put it out there.

COVID Update

Revised 2024-04-04: To protect our fellow men, we require two COVID tests.

First, take a test at home on Thursday, May 2 and record the result (photo or the test kit itself).

Second, when you arrive at Tanglewood, show your negative Thursday results and take another COVID test at registration. After a negative result, you may proceed to the lodge. Appropriate Masks are strongly encouraged inside. Social distancing outside. Some of us will be sleeping in campers, cars, tents hammocks to decrease the density in the cabins. Brad knows how to do the food safely. For Saturday only attendees, contact the registrar, Tom Beal, at 207-669-0008, when you arrive so a test can be checked and administered.

Don’t come if you have been exposed to someone with COVID or have COVID symptoms:

Sore throat, Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, or Diarrhea

Community Agreements (NEW!)

We require all MCM members to abide by the following Community Agreements:

Safety: I will protect the dignity and personal safety of all present at all times. Physical or verbal violence and uninvited touching will not be tolerated. Seek and receive consent from a person before touching them and respect their response with dignity.
I will call “safety” or notify organizers if I see or am subject to anything that I understand to be unsafe.

Confidentiality: I can share with others about my own experience and learning. I MAY NOT share another participant’s name or specifics of what they said or did unless I have received their explicit permission to do so.

Limitation: In extreme cases where a threat is made and credible intent to harm one’s self or another is determined, referral to authorities may be necessary for the safety of the men concerned.

Respect: I will be sober. One man speaks at time. I will listen with all possible respect and compassion to other men’s sharing.

Sex: No sexual contact with myself or others at Maine Coast Men events.

Accountability: I agree to hold myself and others accountable to these agreements and will allow the group to hold me accountable if I break one or more agreements. Refusal to abide by this code may result in my removal from the event and other possible consequences.


An awesome vegetarian fare is prepared by participants and overseen by our Master Chef Brad Purdy. Meals are a highlight of the Maine Coast Men experience.

Friday night Potluck is back! Please bring a casserole, salad or dessert to share.

Nuts: Due to the increased prevalence of nut allergies, MCM and Tanglewood have a policy of not using nut products in the meals we provide; and we ask all participants to refrain from bringing nuts or nut related products into camp.


Opening Circle
Each man is encouraged to introduce himself in relation to the theme and briefly state specific issues he wants to discuss later during the weekend. The Opening Circle occurs Friday night and may include ritual.

Saturday workshops are led by participants. Past workshops have included a wide variety of topics on men’s issues, spirituality, sexuality, self-improvement, singing, dancing, drumming, making the perfect cup of espresso, etc. Consider developing one by yourself or co-facilitating a workshop with a friend. It is a rewarding experience to share a passion, an interest or an experience with other men at the weekend.

Variety Show
Everyone is invited to participate in Saturday night’s variety show by telling a funny story, reading a poem, singing, improvising, or performing. No talent required and no performance required either; just be a member of the audience to support, applaud and cheer those who choose to entertain.

Closing Circle
Concluding the weekend on Sunday is a group picture (you can choose not to be in it) and a closing circle in which everyone has an opportunity to share something about his experience. Everything ends at 1 to 2 pm after camp clean up. With many hands helping, we usually get out earlier.

Of course, you are always welcome to walk in the woods, hang out and just unwind if you prefer.


Your fee covers the cost of workshops, meals and lodging. In addition to the fee, each participant is responsible for one work assignment at the lodge kitchen, firewood, etc.

The fee for the weekend is $100 per man. Saturday only $40. In the event that the fee or obtaining a COVID test is a hardship for you, contact the Registrar, Tom Beal at or 207-669-0008 for accommodations.

New Man’s Initiative – MCM offers any new attendee to come for free, partial payment or pay the full fee. Please contact registrar Tom Beal at or 207-669-0008 for details.