COMEGA, Connecticut Men’s Gathering, empowers men to create & foster community through an invitation to break down internal barriers that cause isolation, to inspire the courage to consciously explore the challenges in his life, and to bring forth his authentic self — then bring this back to his relationships and communities.

MMG, Massachusetts Men’s Gathering, is a participant-organized and participant-led weekend that happens twice a year at a year-round camp/retreat center. Whether we are offering a workshop, talking over coffee for hours with a new-found kindred spirit, or just exploring the peaceful country setting, we are MMG. For thirty now, men have been using the wide-open format of the weekend to take chances and be good to themselves.

Granite Men’s Gathering — There is great freedom to pick and choose from a range of social, recreational, educational and spiritual experiences throughout the weekend. Each man may develop new friendships, converse with other men about anything and everything, attend or present workshops, perform in a talent show, jam on drums or other musical instruments, eat great food, or simply bask in the sweet serenity of the place. There are abundant opportunities to socialize, but a man can also have quiet solitude to mull things over, do creative work or simply renew his relationship with others or himself. It’s a wonderful opportunity for men to enjoy camaraderie with other men, not only in play but also as they work on the issues, challenges and truths of being a man in the world.