Join us, as a community of men, for a weekend retreat of sharing and support, exploring these issues and beyond, providing one another with ideas and experiences for encouragement along the path. We welcome all self-identified men with respect and good will to be part of Maine Coast Men.

The Spring 2024 Weekend Retreat will be May 3 to 5, 2023 at Tanglewood 4-H Camp in Lincolnville, Maine. Register now (submit this form and you will be prompted for to submit payment on the next page). Want to know more? See the details in our downloadable, printable flyer (PDF which includes the registration form), read our Weekend Retreat Information page or contact the Registrar. Please also promote the Weekend by downloading and printing the poster with or without tear-off tabs.

New Man’s Initiative – MCM offers any new attendee to come for free, partial payment or pay the full fee. Please contact for details.
Saturday workshops are led by participants and are especially part of the Spring 2024 theme: Men’s Work. Past workshops have included a wide variety of topics on men’s issues, spirituality, sexuality, self-improvement, singing, dancing, drumming, making the perfect cup of espresso, etc. Consider developing one by yourself or co-facilitating a workshop with a friend. It is a rewarding experience to share a passion, an interest or an experience with other men at the weekend.

If you need help, MCM Workshop Organizers Ham and Tom will reach out to give you assistance. Funds are also available upon request to cover materials cost.
The Registration Fee for the full weekend, October 13-15, 2023, is $100. Saturday only registration is $40. In the event that the fee and/or obtaining a COVID test are a hardship for you, contact the Registrar for accommodations. Once you submit this form, you’ll be able to pay your Registration Fee online via Paypal. You can also mail a check made out to Maine Coast Men to the Registrar, Tom Beal, 22 Bobolink Lane, Blue Hill, ME 04614.

Safety: I will protect the dignity and personal safety of all present at all times. Physical or verbal violence and uninvited touching will not be tolerated. Seek and receive consent from a person before touching them and respect their response with dignity.
I will call “safety” or notify organizers if I see or am subject to anything that I understand to be unsafe.

Confidentiality: I can share with others about my own experience and learning. I MAY NOT share another participant’s name or specifics of what they said or did unless I have received their explicit permission to do so.

Limitation: In extreme cases where a threat is made and credible intent to harm one’s self or another is determined, referral to authorities may be necessary for the safety of the men concerned.

Respect: I will be sober. One man speaks at time. I will listen with all possible respect and compassion to other men’s sharing.

Sex: No sexual contact with myself or others at Maine Coast Men events.

Accountability: I agree to hold myself and others accountable to these agreements and will allow the group to hold me accountable if I break one or more agreements. Refusal to abide by this code may result in my removal from the event and other possible consequences.

By checking the above, I agree to assume all responsibility for all risk of damage or injury that may occur to me as a participant in this event. In consideration of being accepted as a participant in this event, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, release and discharge Maine Coast Men, Tanglewood 4-H Camp, and all persons associated with this event from all claims, damages, causes of action, present or future, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, which result from or arise out of, or are incident to my participation in this event.