In Attendance on Zoom: Joss, Charles, David, George, Dan, Maine Bob, Guest: Dan Kirchoff
Minutes Submitted by: David

  1. Check In. (Dec 9 Board Meeting was cancelled)
  2.  Treasurer’s Report (John B was unable to make the meeting so a new report was available.)
  3. Board Minutes from 11/11/20 were approved and accepted by the board.
  4. Dan Kirchoff – Dan shared the changes that are being made to the current website to make it   easier to use.
    a. Dan and George will explore ways for the members in the future to “Register and Pay” on line. This option will be tested by the board before posting it on our website. It was decided that with current technology this makes sense for us to have this option. We will use what we learned from the last time we tried this to be sure that it is simple and that the registrar has the information he needs.
    b. Dan was asked to put a “Contact Us” tab for men to be able to be able reach us. The people on the board  can be named on the webpage but their contact information will not be posted due to security concerns.
    c. The opening statement on the draft website was put in by Dan as a suggestion. We all agree that it is important to think about the message we want to send in the opening paragraph. Our Mission Statement could be enough. The board will think about this and be prepared to discuss at the next board meeting. Feel free to write up a statement that to be discussed and possibly used on the website for this next board meeting.
  5. Council of Circles – Thanks go out to George for working on ways to advertise and get the information to the MCM Community to sign up for these workshops. There is a cost and scholarships are being offered.
    a. We need a minimum of 6 people to have the course happen.
  6. Mini Series:
    a. Charles will facilitate the next session on Grief, Jan 22, 2021 from 7-9PM
    b. The next session is on February 25, 2021. George offered to facilitate this session on Non-Violent Communication.
    c. Future mini-series sessions will be March 26 and April 22, 2021. The Board feels that series is important to help men from MCM stay connected. The series averages between 15-20 men and the feedback has been very supportive. Facilitators will be needed for sessions in the future. A possible suggestion for a session is “How are you doing living with the Covid Virus”
  7. Tanglewood: David spoke with Patti our contact with Tanglewood and we are still on the books for the May and October Retreats. Tanglewood is not currently open for weekend gathering but may be by May depending on what the status is on the virus. Tanglewood will decide what they will require and develop procedure to help men stay safe.
    a. MCM board discussed our obligation to our members and expressed that we will wait and see what the state guidelines and recommendations are for meeting. The decision to have the May weekend Retreat will need to be made by March 25, 2021 to give the board tome to prepare for the retreat. This discussion will continue at the next board meeting. Our top priority is safety.
  8. Next Board meeting will be Feb 17,2021 at 6:30-8:30 Via Zoom

Minutes accepted Feb 17, 2021