Tomas, Maine Bob, Dennis, Tom Beal, Ham, Phil, Joss present

  1. Check in — Tom Beal is facilitator for this board meeting
  2. Ham has sent out requests for feedback from the last week end. Jay suggested one word response such as wonderful, thrilling
  3. David asked about covid testing, that subject will be ongoing before the weekend.
  4. Is there a way to hear better? There are several devices which might help. MCM may allocate sums for this purpose.
  5. A suggestion box.
  6. Name tags could be worn by all. This would help both new men and men who are known. Dennis reflects that as a new man it was difficult at times to break into conservations and join groups. A mentor could pick up new men. Joss suggested we all could make an effort to include new men in groups at meals, conversations, all activities. Phil suggested at opening circle an effort can be made to welcome new men. Ham may take on mentoring. Maine Bob suggests new men have a marking on their name tag indicating they are new.
  7. Tom says we need an agenda.
  8. A final clean up supervisor position needs to be filled.
  9. MCM has more than one domain online. Tom suggests we do not need more than one. To have only one domain is moved and seconded. All vote for, it is passed.
  10. Tom says the Paypal account will be finished soon. There is a question should everyone have to use paypal. It is thought not.
  11. Donations will be able to made on line. Phil suggests online registrations will save stamps, paper, and work for members and staff.
  12. It is agreed the spread sheet is very well done and thorough thanks to Tom
  13. Jobs are filled with backup
  14. Tom will make shared document space on Google
  15. Tom asks is there a process for the host and theme of the mini? MCM will post a request for host and theme for the mini
  16. Phil reccomended forms now be digital.
  17. Maine Bob suggested monthly reminders
  18. A donation butten for donation on the web site was suggested
  19. An effort to reach out to Mainely Men to attract new members.
  20. Tom reports he has gone to MM weekends and notices more rituals.
  21. Ham mentions it could be disruptive if many MM came to the MCM weekend.

Maine Bob will facilitate the next board meeting February 9.

Respectfully submitted Joss Coggeshall