Date: Jan 16, 2019
Place: John Sommo’s home
In Attendance: Tomas, Ian, Jonathan P, David, John S, Giovanni, John B, Brad, Robert
Minutes Submitted by: David assisted by John S

  1. Check in / Minutes from Dec 5, 2018 Board Meeting were read, corrections made and minutes accepted.
  2. Treasure’s report
    1. 9090 forms filed for 2019
    1. $4141.92
  3. New Man’s Initiative — The board voted to continue the practice of waiving the fee for the first 3 new men to sign up for the Spring MCM Retreat. Scholarship are also available by calling the registrar.
  4. Ideas to use money to further support MCM membership —
    1. Before spending any money, we should decide what the message is that we want to send out. The Mission Statement will be reviewed and discussed at the next board meeting.
    1. John S will work on developing ads.
    1. No additional money will be spent at this time for advertising.
    1. Advertising — be sure we contact Dan K, about the “Free Press”, etc.
  5. The Program Committee for spring weekend is “Healthy Risk Taking”. The committee plans to tweaking the weekend with unexpected pleasant surprises.
  6. Registrar: John B will take on the role for this spring but requested we ask the membership for help. John will write up a job description.
  7. E-mail from Charlie: Charlie will donate 75 $.44 stamps to MCM. The master list needs to be updated with this past weekend’s names. John B will contact Charlie to get the master mailing list for labels, the donated stamps and printed return address labels. 
  8. Common Ground Fair: Discussion was held about the effectiveness of our presence to attract new members. There are pros and cons. The decision was  to not attend this year (2019).  If we get involved in another year we need to develop an outline of what men will share so we are all on the same page. Also volunteering needs to be addressed as a few men needed to be at the table for long hours.
  9. Time tables:
    1. Brochures go out March 25, 2019
    1. Blurbs for the weekend — Program Committee will be contacted by David for 3 blurbs to go out in E-mail one in each month: Feb, March and April
    1. Insurance Payment – Due in March
    1. Tanglewood number of campers need to be sent in by end of the week from MCM Weekend.
    1. IRS Form 9090 gets sent in each January
    1. David will message Tom Jamrog and ask him to contact Tanglewood about future dates for MCM Retreats.
  10. 2018 fall weekend and Picture — David will contact Maine Bob to remind him to get it out.
  11. Keeper of the official mailing lists — Maine Bob and Tomas. Tomas will contact Bob and get an updated list. Charlie may also be a resource for this list.
  12. MCM Manual is a working document and will be continually updated.
    1. Need description of 501c3 — Ian will write up a blurb and what is needed in the future
    1. Descriptions for Manual from Job Lists (review at next board meeting)
    1. Please bring the “MCM Manual” to future board meetings
  13. Other:
    1. John S volunteered to be the Secretary for MCM
    1. Safety Deposit Box — John B and David
    1. Changing MCM Banks — Ian and Tomas
    1. Keeper of the Mailing Lists. Currently Maine Bob has the list. Tomas volunteered to be back-up. This is important so the list does not get lost.
    1. It was decided that we have the Stamp and Fold Party before the next board meeting starting at 4:30

Next Board meeting will be March 19, 2019, from 6-8 at Ian house (David is backup)

Stamp and Fold Party will be from 4:30-6 on March 19 before the board meeting

Minutes approved 3/19/2019 by the MCM Board Members