Business meeting with all men present. Tom Beal facilitating the meeting.

  1. Thanks to all the volunteers for the next spring weekend, May 3-4-5, 2025, the weekend before Mothers Day.
  2. Tom Jamrog will contact the Tanglewood liason and stay in touch.
  3. Weekend facilitator Dennis will do it again.
  4. There are funds for workshops. Ham thinks the workshops are the most meaningful part of the weekend, and Tom Jamrog says ditto.
  5. Daniel and Ham met with the new men. Thank you to the new guys.
  6. Brad does a geat job as chef, food master, and at a very reasonable price.
  7. The auction raised $374.
  8. Ham will organize the clean up this weekend.
  9. There is a list of men and the photo. These minutes will be sent to the MCM board.
  10. Tomas will be the keeper of the bocci balls, it was a good time.
  11. Brad will be the keeper of the scroll of members who have passed.
  12. Tom will continue being the registrar, he is rocking.
  13. Maine Bob will be co-registrar.
  14. This weekend there were 35 men.
  15. John will be treasurer and Ham co treasurer.
  16. Next retreat jobs are all assinged.
  17. Ham was impressed with his COMEGA experience.
  18. Covid testing went well on arrival. MCM will decide about the next weekend on the spring.
  19. There will be a board meeting next Thursday at 6 p.m.
  20. There will be an email with number and pass word for the Zoom.
  21. The photo will come to members in one week.

Submitted by Joss Coggeshall.