Ham, Tomas, Tom B., Dave, Matthew, Joss present.

  1. Those with positive Covid tests include Ham, Dave, Ivan and Dan. Tom reports there are six men with covid.
  2. A facilitator will be needed 11/16. It will be Ham.
  3. The minutes from the last MCM board meeting are approved.
  4. The question is asked were there enough workshops about fear?
  5. The bocci was good. Ham thinks the workshops were sufficient, there could be more. Dave there could be more pop in the workshops.
  6. Maine Bob likes a program Czar.
  7. Tom — a separate email could be used to invite men to run workshops. When we show up, we can come up with more workshops or the week before.
  8. Ham suggests we put out a feeler in December or January.

Submitted by Joss Çoggeshall.