Ham, MaineBob, Tom B., Carl, Frank, Matthew, Joss present.

  1. Frank says thanks to the program committee.
  2. Ham saw a film in Brunswick with Carl about veterans coming home after being in Afganistan. The film is not yet at theaters. The film is about vets and their therapists. The vets are dealing many things, one of which is with having killed people for no reason. Ham talked to the director about showing the film here. MCM could produce a poster. Carl spoke about IEDs and lack of armored vehicles and disabled vets he works with. Carl reports he and Ham thrive on intensity.
  3. The program committee is alive and well with Matthew, John McBee and Tomas doing good work.
  4. Jesse at Tanglewood has not much to say and not much concern.
  5. Ham feels Tanglewood is important to MCM and we might give money to Tanglewood.

Submitted by JossCoggeshall.