Date: October 23, 2017 
In Attendance: Steve C, Steve A, Giovanni (John), Bob, Carl, Brad, David, John, Charlie. 
Guest: Robert Davis 
Minutes Submitted by: Charlie 

1. Meeting at Brad’s house in Thomaston started at 6:25 with check in. 

2. Welcomed new board members Steve Case, Giovanni Carbone, Steve Assante and guest Robert Davis. 

3. Impressions of the weekend: low level of volunteering was a concern, lack of relating to the WabiSabi topic was disappointing but the authenticity of communication was appreciated (no filler/small talk). The closing circle needs to be held sacred as well (no crosstalk/ questions/ joking). Perhaps we need to set the expectations better at the opening circle. 

Homework for all of us: how do we set the tone of the opening circle? Start with silence, build the container, etc. Program Committee needs to plan for this with our input. 
Also some concern that the variety show went on too long. Set the expectation of the men and the emcee that 4-5 minutes are enough. Announce when recruiting for the talent show. 
Also concern that no workshops were planned in advance – created on arrival. Couldn’t we do better if we planned earlier? 

4. Treasure’s report: Income from the fall weekend (attendance & auction) $3,781.00 weekend expenses (includes banner and stand*) -$2,842.39 surplus from weekend $ 938.61* — used at Common Ground Fair and will be used in the future. 
Brad given $2,915 to deposit. Ian was sick and called in, Tomas was absent. 

5. Mentors seem to have been dropped out this time. 

6. Accepted minutes from the Weekend. 
a. Title changes / Missing Job titles — David will go back to the original list and bring it up to date for the May meeting 
b. Added backups to a few 
Request to get minutes out a week in advance and bring ten copies. 

7. Picture and address list were sent out in record time. Kudos to photographer and registrar. Registrar reported 10 men signed up right away, 25 phoned it in, 10 showed up with no notice. Makes planning tougher! 
The policy we adopted on 10/17/2015 states that men need to be 14 years of age to attend. Young children have been brought to the weekend and this cause some discomfort for some men. Children are wonderful however will it change what a man my say out of respect for the child and his parents. This past weekend due to Joe’s health a child was brought. It was addressed at that time. A statement needs to be included in our confirmation letter that we ask men top respect the no children rule. 
The image of MCM is that we are a men’s group. 

8. Auction: POLICY no split donations in the future (ala Kaley and Nepal). Hartley Spencer donated the generator to be an “at large” item with Carl in charge. 

9. Proposal to streamline the business meeting at the weekend that we get sign-ups for each meal at each meal by carrying the task list around and recruiting. 

10. A proposal to name the scholarships after Joe Rehmeyer was discussed and postponed. 

11. Added a job to the task list for Common Ground Fair coordinator with Charlie C. as the next one. Carl can set-up the booth on Friday morning and Bob can take it down and out on Sunday. 

12. Reminder that the large meeting room is a non-workshop space. Carl to check on which big buildings up by Ledges have power and could be used for bigger workshops that need space. 

13. Review of electronics at the weekend policy to allow them for presentations was tabled for the future. 

14. Charlie passed on Gerry Murphy’s request to use e-mail list and was to remind him that the list is for MCM business only. 

15. Decrease e-mails (old business) among the board. Emails using MCM Board list should be limited. If a board member sends out an e-mail asking for an opinion hit “Reply to sender” rather that “Reply to all”. Unless necessary e-mail will not be used for discussions as this can produce many e-mail threads. 

16. The suggestion at the end of the General Meeting minutes that the Treasurer did not need to be on the executive committee was clarified and withdrawn. 

17. Program for next weekend will be about Bringing your Passion. 

18. Topics we didn’t get to “Other from Minutes”: 
a. Suggestion to encourage men to post Hook Topics on Facebook 
b. Inviting specific groups on Saturday: gay, Bi, transgender day for Father and sons 14+ 
c. T-shirts again 

Next meeting Tuesday, January 16, 2018 6-8 PM at David Hanc’s in Jefferson. 

IAN’s Year End Treasurer report: 
We began the year with a balance of $2,657.47 
Year end balance $3,876.49 
Increased our bank account by $1,219.02 YEAH !!!! 

Accepted by the board 1/16/18