In Attendance: Charles, David, Ian, John B., Maine Bob, George, Brad, Tomas, Joss and guest Tom Jamrog
Minutes Submitted by: David

This meeting was set to try out a format of a Zoom event that we can offer to the general membership of MCM.

Charles was the facilitator and the topic was “Francis Weller on Grief 2018”.  Men were asked to watch the 15 min film and if they wanted to to do a follow up with one of the hour presentations.

It looks like we accomplished what we set out to do. We tried out the format and it seems to work fine… maybe some tweaks along the way.

We will proceed with a 2 hour event
Check In
Possible check out

-Need to decide the rules of check in
-Pick a theme or central starting point
-(WE could have men check in with the theme in mind)
-Live presentation or film. (viewed before or during the 2 hour segment)
-Need a facilitator to keep things moving 
-Should we do one session and then present a series or do we just set up a series?
-MCM may just want to introduce a “check in” hour or two – maybe where men can talk about what is happening in their lives and members can ask questions

Think of possible themes, things to tweak, all suggestions are always welcomed.
Nothing is set in stone.

Minutes accepted Oct 21, 2021

Next Meeting will be October 21, 2020. 6:30-8:30 Use same Zoom address that we had for the past two meetings