MaineBob, Tomas, Tom, Lee, Dennis, Carl, Joss present.

  1. Joss raises the question about do we need to continue to be a non profit corporation. We have not had donations. The corporation was formed to attract donations, and indemnify board members from being sued. We have insurance which is required by Tanglewood. Are there other structures such as LLC which might work? Tom thinks we might get donations and the corporation gives us a sense of purpose. Joss agrees with that as we have to perform the purpose as described in the document submitted to the Maine Secretary of State.
  2. Joss mentions Dave has retired as President, and others are no longer officers and we need some new ones. MCM files annually and the office of secretary of state recommends adding the officers ar that time. John did it last May when Dave, John and Joss met. An email will go out to members asking if anyone is interested in becoming president or an officer.
  3. The topic of covid policies. Tomas likes encouraging masks. Joss mentions men over 65 are more vulnerable. Tom mentions being careful serves the vulnerable. The consensus is a test either at home or at the parking lot, a photo of the test or the test itself will be required. Also the card with vaccination with a record of vaccine and boosters will be required.
  4. Tomas asks does the registrar need help at the retreat.
  5. Tom gives confirmation that the letter is ready to go out. Thanks to Tom for all his work

Respectfully submitted by Joss Coggeshall.