Tom Beal leads the meeting.

  1. Jobs for fall are assigned: brochure, Tom B.; artistic Dan K.
  2. There will be one zoom link for both board and mini
  3. A booth at the Common Ground Fair was discussed. There has been no results in the past. Will we do it again? Dave H., it does get the word out. Maine Bob suggests an ad could be put in the Common Ground brochure. This will be discussed by the board.
  4. There is a checklist of men who do press releases and posters.
  5. Dan K. will do photos
  6. The quilts have been made by men and need to be hung up.
  7. Apppendix D is completed jobs and tasks.
  8. The mini series has been something men really enjoy.
  9. We will be needing hosts, themes, and a homepage.
  10. The cleanup coordinator is Dennis and we will clean up really well.
  11. The new guy mentor will be Brad.
  12. There are suggestions forms for good, bad and other suggestions.
  13. Covid policy is discussed. Tanglewood has the same policy as MCM which is a good consistency. There will be the vaccination, booster and test the day of arrival. Three men did not come because of Covid policy.

Respectfully submitted — Joss Coggeshall