Tom B., Tomas, Phil, Dennis, Carl, Mathew, Joss, MaineBob present

  1. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.
  2. A facilitator for the June 15 meeting, Tomas will do the job.
  3. Carl reports the last weekend was the best ever. Tomas excellent, good participation, no one had too much to do. The responsibility for jobs was even. Dennis observed that perhaps Tom B had to work too hard and was not able to participate. Tom feels he was fine with the work load. He did not sign up for jobs. He ran the general meeting.
  4. Dennis enjoyed the weekend very much. The open circle was good but long. Matthew asked how do larger groups do it. Tomas it is longer, 3-4 hours by history. Mainebob thought the improvization theme was great. The closing circle going clockwise worked better than random. Carl did not like men talking while the smudgeing was going on. Matthew noticed the silence after stepping into the building.
  5. Tom asked what do we own such as carafs, quilts, poles? Perhaps it could be put in the guide.
  6. The quilt did not get put up at the last weekend. Dan K. brought the quilts and came late without the poles to hold up the quilts. Tomas will find a quilt keeper.
  7. Tom is working on the guide for MCM.
  8. Tanglewood must know what are the correct dates spring and fall.
  9. Dennis and Program Committee will plan the future weekend. The program committee will be John B., Tomas, Matthew, Dennis. The theme will be written by mid-July.
  10. The topic of of delegations to Mainely Men and COMEGA is tabled as Ham is not here. The goal would be to collaborate and improve.
  11. Joss got a call from John B. about the filing for mcm as a nonprofit corporation in Maine. There has been a need to update the officers, directors, and agents. He is going away this week and when he gets back he will present directors, officers, and agents as filed.
  12. MCM still asks the question of how to rally more men to come to the weekends. Matthew, a new man, was asked how did he hear? He heard from a new man that the MCM weekend was wonderful and he looked it up online. We should make it clear what we do in the website. There is a facebook which is private. There is a public radio program where someone from MCM could call in to.
  13. Mainebob went to Quebec City and found a museum in the lower city which had very interesting information about and their self identity.
  14. MCM may send flyers to therapists and counselors.
  15. Covid policy is discussed. Joss mentioned Tanglewood, U. of Maine has a covid policy and we might consider following their policy. Phil — most important is to test. Dennis thinks test only is a good compromise. Tom asks is covid policy up to the board? Vote for test no vax is passed.
  16. Jobs appear to be arranged for the fall weekend October 13-15
  17. Tomas will facilitate next board and mini-meeting, June 15, 6 p.m.
  18. Tom will email Jessica at Tanglewood about fall dates.

Submitted Joss Coggeshall