Tom B., Tomas, Dennis P., Carl S., David H., Ham, Joss present. Tomas is facilitator.

  1. Ham talked about going to the Connecticut Men’s Gathering, (COMEGA) September 14-17. It would be to do more spying on how to do good weekend events for men. Also Mainly Men would be a good event to see. Tom said he might go in the spring and shared his impressions of Mainly Men back in the early 90’s as did Tomas and MaineBob.
  2. Workshops — Dennis prompted to give his take on the last weekend at Tanglewood, said he would like more workshops. MaineBob said shorter workshops could allow for more possible options to add. Variety and space for less formal discussions of them. Ham is adding workshop ideas to the Facebook Page.
  3. Fall theme will be”Take a vacation from your fear.” There will be three people working to set up the theme.
  4. He also talked about doing a work shop on co-counselling.
  5. Tom has launched a Public Facebook page and has sent links to everyone.

Respectfully submitted Joss Coggeshall