Maine Bob, John B., Tomas, Joss, Tom Beal, Carl, Holbrook present.

  1. Tom presents several things for tonight’s meeting — vote on Frank to be on the board, deadlines for next weekend. Tom will get more email addresses on the mailing list. Tom asks if we should make a greater effort for publicity. We have had 24 coming to the weekend. 16 to 19 is the break-even number. There is money in the bank to offer free to new men. Marketing can be done with Facebook and posters. Tomas considers sending to men to put up posters. He would like to talk to Dan to liven up the posters.
  2. There is a vote on public vs. private Facebook. MaineBob asks if we should combine the two groups.
  3. The vote to have Frank on the board is unanamous in favor of.
  4. The minutes of June 15, 2023 are approved.
  5. is discontinued. MaineBob reports MCM domain is in Iceland. Tom is the administator for the website and the provider for domain.
  6. John reports the bill to tanglewood for the spring is paid. There is $100.10 in the PayPal account. There is $6,274.52 in the bank account.

Submitted, Joss Coggeshall.