Members Present: David, John, Carl, Ham, Phil, Tom, Joss, Bob. There was a brief check in.

  1. The spring retreat was a success due to the amount of preparation concerning covid. All men were tested on arrival.  Sleeping arrangements for less density was the plan.  No one has tested positive. We were hoping for at least 19, more men came, than expected,  22.
    a. David brought up the topic of recruitment, which has been an ongoing discussion.   Many organizations with older members have falling members.  How do we do that? He asks. Our Goal for 2022-23 will be to bring in more men, hopefully younger men. It is time to discuss actions we will take.
  2. Tom suggests a topic for the fall retreat, men learning skills. We will need to have a Program Committee Chair, tabled.
  3. John reports $4,480 in cash in bank account. We took in $1,845 from the retreat and pay Tanglewood approximately $1,600.
    a. Smaller amounts for coffee, mailing, food are being tabulated. Once John has all the information he will tally up expenses and report at next board meeting.
  4. Minutes from 4/12/22 Board meeting and General meeting from 5/1/22 were modified and accepted.
  5. A booth at the common ground fair was discussed and it was decided to forgo it this year.  Will not place an ad in the CGF booklet this year.
  6. Goal is to bring in more and possibly younger men to MCM. Various methods of attracting more younger men were discussed. We need to think of actions to take. Discuss at next meeting. David sent out an e-mail last Wed that contained several sites to visit that might help up, please review. The question came up of what do we need to change to attract younger men, what do they want?  What we have works do we need to change? 
  7. The next mini-series: facilitators and dates were decided.  May 19, Phil; June 16, John; July 21, Ham; August 18, Carl; September 15, David; October 20, Bob.
  8. David will produce an agenda for the next meeting and run the meeting. David offered to be acting president until the Fall retreat if no one steps forward. Discussion of the future of the presidency will be on the next agenda.
  9. Dan is asking all of the board members to submit a short statement about their experiences of MCM or what MCM means to them.
  10. There was a discussion about Dave stepping down as president after 7 years. There is a transition period that David will help with. David also acknowledged that each President has their own style working with the board and MCM.
    a. Joss advanced an idea of the President, and board member positions having backup, and rotating men.  The idea is that we learn about how MCM  functions if more of us learn about each position when running it. This initiative was then repeated by several members.
    b. Several members said they were busy in their lives and would not like to take on more responsibility. No decision made.
    c. By-laws will need to be reviewed and changes made in the near future.
    d. Board Positions:
    Presidency [open] — David will continue until fall retreat as acting president if needed.
    Back-up Treasurer — Ham volunteered. John and Ham will work on the transition so that Ham can be on the bank account.
    Back-up Secretary — open. Joss is current secretary
  11. Next Board meeting will be July 14, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
  12. Minutes approved by the MCM Board on July 14, 2022