Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015 
Place: Tanglewood 
In Attendance: Board members and men who attended weekend 
Minutes submitted by: David 

1. Pictures /Video … Many videos and pictures were taken with cell phones/iPads this weekend. The concern is privacy, as permission was not given by men to be photographed. The board will discuss and decide what level of security we should have. Ideas generated: No pictures, no electronics, official photographer only, no pictures posted on Facebook, Website pictures limited to those with permission, Should we have a signed permission form for pictures in the future for the web. Board Agenda 

2. Two group pictures will be taken today. The first will be the usual group picture. The second for people giving their permission by knowing this image will be posted on the Maine Coast Men webpage. Bob will announce that this is the picture for the webpage and people can opt out by taking themselves out of camera range. 

3. Check In… Discussion was held about the length of check in/out. Men were on both sides of the issue… “Take the time you need” to “limit individual time to speak”. The program committee will set the parameters for each of the weekends and remind people to be respectful in the time they use. The board will discuss and develop a statement that defines the purpose of the “Check In and Check Out” that can be used by the Program Committee. Men will be reminded that “one talks all will listen” and not engage in addressing the person speaking as this can interrupt a train of thought. This is an on going conversation. The weekend has been getting more participants recently so the “check in/out” in particular has been taking more time. Board Agenda 

4. Philanthropy was discussed. MCM board at a previous meeting decided to have $3000 as backup to be used to support the weekend. It was suggested that we change this amount to $5000 to support 2 weekends. The board will develop a policy that addresses how excess money will be used and spent in the future beyond the back up. It was suggested that the priorities are MCM first and then donation to other entities. It was suggested that on the registration form a statement be developed to identify a way a man can contribute additional funds if so desired. Instead of using the term “philanthropy” use the word “Outreach”. Should MCM develop a donation level of sponsorship for donations? Board Agenda 

5. Bocci Balls – It was suggested that MCM have their own set and that the personal set that was broken this past weekend be replaced. Board Agenda 

6. Name Tags – It was proposed that MCM purchase plastic reusable name tags to be used at the weekends. . Board Agenda 

7. A request was made that we review the possibility that we can register “on-line” as well as sending out electronic brochure copies to men who want them rather than paper copies. Can this be done with the Excel file system that we are currently using? Board Agenda 

8. It was suggested that the board develop a position to collect and keep the history of MCM, a “Historian”. . Board Agenda 

9. Nepal: Jeff thanked the men for their donations for this worthy cause and assured us the money would be used properly to help out the village in Nepal that he spoke to us about. 

10. October 16, 17, 18 2015 weekend: 
Program Committee – Charlie C, Ian 
Coffee Meister: Carl – Apprentice: Charlie G 
Workshop Organizers: Joe, Charles 
Registrar: John. B 
Food Master Chef: Brad 
Fri Night Pot Luck: Tom and Brad 
Sat Breakfast: Dan, John C and Ham 
Sat Lunch: Greg L 
Sat Dinner: Ham, Tom, Alan 
Sun Breakfast: Holbrook, Sepp, (there was one more) 
Variety Show: Bill 
Med Kit Supervisor: Joe 
Quilt Curator: Joe 
Tanglewood Liaison: David 

11. The Quilts have amazing healing and comforting properties. See Joe if you would like to borrow one. He reminds us that you do not have to be ill to bring this positive energy into your home. 

12. Tanglewood appreciates that we compost everything possible and to put materials in buckets in the walk-in… Also they will deal with the trash if we put the bags in the receptacles near the Staff Room. 

13. Minutes from 3/17/15 accepted 

14. Next Regular Board Meeting: May 20, 2015 6-8 John R place in Camden 

Revised Minutes accepted by board – May 20, 2015