1. Introduction of MCM Board members
  2. Treasurer’s report — balance on hand (not counting registration receipts or auction receipts from this retreat) = $3,633.92
  3.  Questions raised about finances, the auction, Holbrook asked about leaving a legacy for MCM
  4. MCM Corporate Secretary position needs to be filled — Ian and Ham will look into the 501-C3 requirements
  5. Common Ground Fair — discussed and decision made to NOT have a MCM booth at this year’s fair.
  6. VOLUNTEER LIST (See list below)
  7. MCM Business Cards:
    Suggestions to put on the card: “2 retreats a year”; from Ham Niles: “we support emotional growth of our members – we do this by 2 weekend retreats”.
  • MCM Minutes will be on MCM Website.  Green MCM manual is available electronically, contact David
  • Ben Rehmeyer request:
    Request that any and all of the old group photos from the beginning of MCM be brought to him — he will create a photo gallery of the retreats. Ben has offered to be the MCM Pictorial Historian.

Holbrook suggested for the group photo that we have the possibility of individual photos of each member.

  1. Remove from the master mailing list the names of the men who have passed on.
  2. MCM Mission Statement Revisions: Passed as submitted by vote of attending members. The Mission statement is as follows: “The mission of MCM is to create a space where all men can gather to explore issues that are important to self and others in an encouraging and confidential environment”.
  3. MCM Confidentiality Agreement Revisions: Passed by vote of attending members with the following changes: “Once a man leaves the retreat, it can be challenging, at times, to share with loved ones accounts about growth they experienced without using a story or details on how the growth occurred … Names, age, situations, jobs, or anything that could identify a specific man is not acceptable to be shared.”
  4. MCM Statement to Welcome all Men Revisions: Passed as submitted by vote of attending members. The Statement reads: “We, members of MCM, welcome all self identified men with respect and good will to be part of Maine Coast Men” 
  5. Meeting Adjourned.

Submitted by Registrar John Bangeman on 5/7/2019

Minutes approved by board on May 14, 2020

MCM Jobs and Tasks:
October 18, 19 20 2019

Program Committee: Michael Scott, Dan Kirchoff, Hank Lunn
Weekend Facilitators: ??? Lew (Board Member) May (2020 Lee Smith)
Fri Night Pot Luck: Joss Coggleshell, John McBee
Sat Breakfast: Daniel Wendel, Gregg Lewis
Sat Lunch: ???
Sat Dinner: John Bangeman, Giovanni Carbone, Hank Lunn, Tom Jamrog
Sun Breakfast: Daniel Wendel and Phil Elkin
Sun Lunch: Ham Niles
Variety Show: Hank Lunn
Auctioneer: Phil Elkin  
Auctioneer Assistant/Recorder: Charles Guilford (recorder)
Coffee Meister: Parker W
Workshop Organizers: Charles G., John McBee            
Registrar: John Bangeman, Back Up: Maine Bob
Treasurers: Ian Collins,  Tomas Levesque     
Post Master General
Maine Bob O’Conner    Tomas
Food Master Chef: Brad Purdy, Vincent  Dufort       
Master of the Kitchen: Brad Purdy, Vincent  Dufort       
Dishwasher Meister:Lew McGregor, John Bangeman
Med Kit Supervisor: Joss Coggeshall  Back Up: Phil Elkin
Quilt Curator: Tomas Levesque
Tanglewood Liaison: Tom Jamrog    Back Up: David Hanc    
Brochure: Tom Beal,  back up; Vincent Dufort   
Brochure Proof Reader: MCM Board
MCM Artist: Dan Kirchoff
Fire keeper: Holbrook Williams, Joss Coggleshell      
Keeper of the MCM Bocce Balls: David  Hanc
Bell Keeper: Charles Guilford, Holbrook Williams
MCM Drum Keeper: Charles Guilford
MCM Signs: John Bangeman
Photographer: Maine Bob O’Connor, Backup: David Hanc
Website Guru: Tom Beal, Dan Kirchoff volunteered as back up
Website Managers: Tom Beal, Maine Bob O’Connor
Facebook Managers: Dan Kirchoff    Advisor Maine Bob (Board Agenda)
Keeper of the Mailing Lists: Maine Bob. (Board Agenda) – 2nd person?
Pictorial Historian: Ben Rehmeyer