Members Present: Ian C (host), David H, Tomas L, Brad P, John B, and Charles G

  1. Check-In
  2. Review MCM Board Minutes from 05/14/2019. Minutes were approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report (Ian):
    $4853.38 Current Balance            
  4. Name-Tag Idea (John):
    a. Encourage attendees to make a personal name-tag from the natural surroundings such as wood or bark
    b. Name Tags would be stored by registrar for subsequent retreats
    c. Would promote reusing natural materials versus plastic tags holders or paper tags
    d. Ian will gather wood-burning tools to bring to retreat – men could make their own tags
  5. Mailing List updates (Maine Bob and Tomas) List needs to be updated after every retreat; we don’t know where we stand on the list status as we haven’t heard from Maine Bob for some time; Tomas has contacted Maine Bob but had not heard back; Tomas will contact David if he is unable to contact Maine Bob on this subject.
  6. Website – Dan K and Tom B
    a. Dan K has offered to help Tom B maintain and update the MCM website.
    b. Dan and Tom are “on it”. They are working to make changes to the website.
  7. Program for next retreat (Program Committee – Hank L, Dan K, and Michael S).
    a. Next retreat is Oct 18-19-20, 2019
    b. Program Committee needs to communicate theme of retreat sooner rather than later – David to contact them.
  8. Time to arrive at retreat (see 11c/d of 05/14/19 minutes) (John) Board discussed idea – good time to communicate needs to Tanglewood liaison; we need to be sure that the Tanglewood rep knows who to communicate with on the Board at the start of the weekend so that the process is more efficient. The two points (11c/d) were generally accepted by the Board as helpful. 
  9. New Registration Form (John) (see 12 of 05/14/19 minutes)
    a. John outlined reasons for stand-alone registration form: easier for the registrar to read the addresses and email names with expanded space (hopefully!);                                                             
    b. We may need to lengthen the already-long “hold-harmless” liability statement and signature space if we add different activities to or change the structure of the retreat.
    c. Will the additional paper form significantly change the total mailing cost of the registration packet? David will check with the US Postal Office.
  10.  Transgender Discussion (see 14a of 05/14/19 minutes)
    Board had good discussion concerning a person who identifies themselves as “male” in a physical body that may be viewed as “not male” (my words) attending an MCM retreat. Again, MCM is open to any person who identifies as male. That is not an issue with the Board. Ian suggested to contact and talk with a transgender individual who identifies as male and get their input. What does he need to be welcomed into and during the MCM retreat?
  11.  The Non-profit MCM 501-C3 Corporate Secretary position (see 14b of 05/14/19 minutes)
    Changes need to be made to the corporation by-laws. John S had been doing it – does he still want to continue? David will contact him.
  12.  EIN Form
    a. Where is original form? Charlie C mentioned that he passed it on. He said to look for a lawyer.
    b. Ian has volunteered to work w/John S on the MCM Corporate Secretary issue.
  13. Glossy Poster (see 15a of 05/14/19 minutes) – issue moved to next Board meeting
  14. Cost of Retreat (see 15b of 05/14/19 minutes) – Clarification
    a. Cost is still $100.00
    b. Keep the $10.00 discount for early registrants
    c. Scholarships still available
    d. Encourage men to pay more than the regular fee – donate
    e. Fee will be waived for new men – how many? Addition after clarification –“New men will have the option to have their fee waived, pay part or total amount. David will work on wording for the brochure.”9/9/19
  15.  Pop-up Workshops (see 15c of 05/14/19 minutes)
    a. We’re already doing “pop-up” workshops at the retreat
    b. Make it a positive suggestion to encourage workshops
    c. Explain what pop-up workshops are to the attendees
  16.  Food at the Retreat (see 15d of 05/14/19 minutes)
    a. Let attendees know this: “if you bring a meat dish to the Friday night potluck, please label as such (as a meat dish, or containing meat)”
    b. David to call Tom B about when to send out the mail-chimp alerts
  17. Other
    a. Deductions
    b. George – Film guy – very excited about possible ideas for MCM video: “guy walking down path”; script – have him talking. Brad, Tomas, Ian, and David volunteered to work on this.
    c. School bus test? Deleted from discussion, not sure what this referred to when agenda was developed 9/9/19.
  18.  Survey Questions #5 and #6 (see 15e of 05/14/19 minutes) – discussion on these topics postponed until next Board meeting
  19.  Next meeting set for September 10th, 2019 (Tuesday) at home of John S. (John B is backup)
    This is also the STAMP AND FOLD PARTY.
    a. Arrive at 4pm for Stamp and Fold party
    b. Arrive at 6pm for regular Board meeting
  20.  Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Registrar John Bangeman on 08/04/2019
Approved by the board on September 9, 2019