In Attendance: Bob, Carl, John B, John S, David
Place: David’s House in Jefferson
Minutes Submitted by: David, assisted by John S

1. Check in

2. Review and accept minutes from 5/18/2018
a. Carl will check with Tanglewood if the Epipen located in the kitchen can be used by MCM in the event that it is needed. Would MCM be responsible for replacing it or is it part of our fee for renting Tanglewood. The Defibrillator also needs to be checked for any updates.

3. Treasure’s Report: Current balance is 3,696.24
a. Reserve of $3500 has been met
b. New Man’s Initiative – It was decided that MCM would again sponsor 3 new men at the Fall weekend. A member donated $100 to support a new man attending.
c. John suggested that we work on a plan to slowly separate the reserve account from the monies used to put on a weekend. Further discussion is need on this idea.

4. Website Updates: David will contact Tom B to discuss putting up the dates of the next weekend as well as getting information to him in the future. Tom would prefer having one person e-mailing him information to post. David will do this at this time. The board will need to discuss a “Communications Director”.

5. 2018 Weekend Oct 12, 13, 14, 2018
a. Theme: Carl, Lew and Ian are discussing theme around, trauma, loss, celebration, etc.
b. The Program Committee is responsible to contact Dan ASAP and discuss the theme so he can do the artwork.
c. The write up for the weekend will be sent to David and then on to Tom for posting on the web.
d. Blurbs for the mail chimp emails should go out in July, August and September. A strong emphasis will be placed on encouraging men to develop a workshop as well as bringing a friend. The Program Committee is responsible for these blurbs.
e. Mailing date for the brochure is August 31 or right after Labor Day on Sept 4.
f. Stamp and Fold Party: Lew felt he could call on a few men in his area to stuff the envelops and get them in the mail.
g. Address labels: Bob will print labels and get them to Lew in August.
h. Tom B will continue doing the brochure. He will need all info by August 12. David will work with the Program Committee to help facilitate this.
i. Charlie, registrar, will need to be filled in on any information about the weekend he may need. John B will do this for the group.

6. Common Ground Fair: Bob will organize the times that men will need to be at the table. If we need more men, a request should be sent out using the mail chimp or by making personal contacts by phone.

7. Secretary Position: Lew agreed to temporarily take this position on. Currently we do not have a job description however Charlie stated that the by-laws has this information. By laws may need to be updated.

8. How to bring in new men to the weekend? A survey was suggested for the men at the next weekend to solicit new ideas and get everyone involved. This will be further discussed at the next board meeting.

9. 501 c3. John is the agent for MCM. He has the incorporated certificate. John suggested we spend $25 a year and get a safe deposit box for our important papers. The board agreed. John and the current president, David will get together to make this happen. These men will have the keys to the box and the keys will be passed on at appropriate times.
a. EIM number: John will ask Charlie for the form that he created. Bob has the software to open it and put our EIM number on it so we can use this at the next weekend. This is important so when people donate that can receive a slip to claim the donation on their taxes.

10. Tabled items form past meetings: Web site managers, website guru, Facebook Managers roles need to be clarified. Keeper of the Mailing Lists as well as Post Master General roles also need to be defined. Creating a Communications Director, what would be the responsibilities?

11. David passed out the current MCM Manual, He will continue working on updating it.

Next meeting is September 5, 2018 at John B house in Union from 6-8.

Minutes accepted by board on September 5, 2018