Meeting: Zoom, hosted by Maine Bob
Present: David H, Maine Bob, Tomas L, John B, Joss C, Charles G. Guest: George A

  1. Check In
  2. Approval of Minutes from previous MCM meeting (5/28/2020)
    a. Approval was postponed. All the board members had received copies of the minutes. Please review them after this meeting at your home and submit your approval (with any corrections) to David via email.
  3. John Sommo is leaving the board for the time being. John B to fill in during this meeting to take notes. With John Sommo leaving, the position of Secretary for MCM is vacant. Thank You John for your service.
    a. John B volunteered to become the MCM Secretary.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    Balance is now $5246.24 This is slightly less than the balance that existed in May. (May balance was listed at $5442.24)
    a. John B to check with Kim Hammond of the bank. Have we spent something? What about the three check deposits that were recently made (Dan K’s check, Ham N’s check, and John S’s check)? That should have increased the balance, not reduced it.
    b. Line Item budget. How do we track the money coming in (new men, scholarships, auction receipts, etc). Joss and John B to work on this subject.
  5. Review of previous Zoom Check In Event (July 17th)
    Tomas: positive experience
    Charles: positive experience
    John B: positive experience
    a. Do we have another Zoom Check In? “hold off on this at this time”
  6. Zoom Variety Show scheduled for 08/22/2020. WE will hold on this event until we get info from the survey we will be putting out via mail chimp.  Discuss next meeting
  7. Next scheduled weekend in October/Tanglewood
    Due to the uncertainty of the Tanglewood facilities being available for our October weekend as expressed by Tanglewood in an email to David, the MCM Board discussed the issue. Question: Who on the board would attend the weekend in October – One person said they would go. The rest would not attend.
    Alternative to the weekend – hosting a 1 day in person workshop on a Saturday
    a. Tomas, Maine Bob, Joss, George, Charles agreed on this concept.
    b. The Board voted to see if the traditional October weekend would be held.
  8. Alternatives. Now that the Board has canceled the traditional weekend, what are some alternatives that we can do to keep men in communication and in community?
    a. Virtual weekend using Zoom
    b. One – day workshop (a condensed weekend held at some large open space (Tanglewood, Camden Hills State Park, Union Fairgrounds were mentioned as possibilities)
    c. A survey to go out on Mail Chimp (Survey Monkey) was suggested to get input from men about alternatives: [Question to men on the survey: If MCM hosts a one-day workshop, will you come?  Yes    No] [Name: optional]
    i. Charles to write up something about this, get it to the board asap, and then to Maine Bob to send out on Mail Chimp.
    5*) Zoom Check In (back to Zoom Check In topic for discussion)
    i. There will be no Zoom Check at this time.
    ii. A possible Variety Zoom during the 1 day workshop was discussed.
  9. Rainy-Day Fund for MCM.
    a. As previously discussed in the last two meetings, the Board is once again looking at the question of what do we want to be and what do we do with the money that men have entrusted to us?
    b. Hosting a course on how to do something. Robert Morehouse? Minutes from 5/28 refer to this? [Send out to men: “MCM is offering a course to men on how to xxxxxxxxx. Would you be interested?]
    c. The discussion on the Rainy-Day Fund and what to spend it on was tabled until the next Board meeting.
  10. Large Financial Donations to MCM (Ian). This has been briefly discussed previously. Who are we? Are we a Philanthropic organization?
    a. Are we men who get together on the weekends to assist ourselves and each other but not to have any outreach in the community? After a brief discussion, the subject was tabled until the next Board meeting.
  11. George A volunteered and was accepted to become a MCM Board member.
  12. Next MCM Board meeting date: September 3rd, Thursday at 630pm.
    (via Zoom).

Minutes accepted through the e-mail process on September 3, 2020