Tomas, MaineBob, Carl, Tom Beal, David,  Ham, Phil, Joss  present

  1. Treasurer report  $4573 in regular account. Paypal, $100.
    a. Brad needs to get slips of about $700 to the treasurer.  The books are still open from last weekend.
    b. Tom is setting up the Paypal as a non profit and has a separate email. This may not be ready to use for the October retreat.
  2. Board voted to have men Covid tested on arrival and present a vaccination card. A statement of vaccination will be available if a man does not have his card. This is important to assure men we are doing all we can to be safe. If a man tests positive he will be asked to leave. Tomas will coordinate effort. Joss will assist.
    a. MCM will have tests and masks.  Men can bring their own test to be tested onsite if they prefer. This will be asked in the “Letter of Confirmation.
    b. The sleeping arrangements will be as separate as possible, six feet apart. There will be sleeping in cars, tent and field. Phil will coordinate and identify bed and cabins.
  3. Tom suggests October 7 as the last date to register
    a. The brochure will be sent by September 2.
    b. Tomas will coordinate the team to send out the brochure.
  4. Technology on the week end was discussed. David will poll the Program Committee about the use of the song/video.  Could Bob’s videos be shown during the variety show? Board agreed it would be appropriate,
    a. MaineBob may make another video.
    b. There are questions about permission to make videos from men in the videos. If permission is given verbally then it is OK for Bob to video tape. Bob may have some individuals taped for production of another video.
  5. Current goal for MCM is to plan how to attract new members of all ages to our group and increase our attendance at MCM Retreats.
  6. Phil will coordinate the Auction at MCM at the October retreat.
  7. Ham is thinking about what men want and who we are. He is developing a write up as a draft for board discussion.
    a. It is suggested to ask therapists if there are men who would gain by coming to a MCM weekend. We need to provide them with brochures.
    c. John B mentions that we could mention Mainely Men as a men’s organization that could be a consideration because of location. Further discussion by the board is needed.
  8. Tom is working on a “Forever” general poster.
  9. The president search is on.   David has resigned and will be done once all his paperwork/responsibilities are complete.
    a. There will be some shared leadership to put on the weekend. The program committee is David – Chair assisted by Bob, Carl and Tom. The Sunday meeting needs to have one man leading.  Ham will be doing the Sunday General meeting.

Next Board Meeting is October 27, 2022, via Zoom

Respectfully, Joss; Edited by David

Minutes accepted by email request September 2022