Date: September 25, 2014 
Place: Camden, ME (Brad’s House) 
In Attendance: John, Michael, Ham, Brad, Ian, Carl, David 
Minutes submitted by: David 

1. Check In 

2. Food Information – Ham shared the list of who will be responsible for which meals and Brad will follow up. As always Brad will have a default meal ready if need be. 

3. David received the contract from Tangle Wood (Patricia Chapman)– Maine Extension Service. Basically it costs us on average $1600 plus food and supplies for a weekend. David will meet with Tanglewood representatives before the up coming weekend to be updated as to any issues with the camp we should be aware of. 

4. Discussion was held regarding the members on the board. We will continue to refine the list to be sure who is actually on the board at this time. A group e-mail list with just board members will be developed so no one is left out. David will work on this. 
• Dan Kirchoff was recognized as a valued member as he has left the board. He has offered to continued working on publications for future events. Thanks Dan. 

5. The Program Committee –Brad, Mike and Ian met before the board meeting and solidified plans for this coming weekend. 

6. The Program Committee needs come from volunteers at the weekend and not be left up to the board as they have other work to accomplished. Board members can volunteer their time separately from the board meeting to be on the Program Committee if they desire. 

7. Up coming weekend notes: 
• John B. will continue to be registrar – It will be important that ALL men sign in and identify where they are staying. The safety concern is that is a call came in during the night trying to locate a man it can be a challenge going from one cabin or tent or vehicle to another trying to find him. We also need this info for an accurate count so we can give the numbers to Maine Cooperative extention for billing purposes. 
• David will ask Tanglewood for maps so we can have copies to use. These are especially helpful for new men. 
• David will pick up Name Tags/markers for the weekend and ask that men wear the tags each day. Very helpful for the ones of us with name memory issues as well as it is easier to know whom you are talking with. 

8. Lew will be asked to re-send his e-mail note to last Spring’s attendees urging them to find one new man for the weekend. The past message was excellent. The brochure should be an attachment to this request. Brad will contact him. 

9. Out Reach – Ham addressed the important issue as to how best to standardize a contact list for future communications to men who have attended the weekends in the past. Ham is working with Maine Bob on a Master List. The decision was made to postpone further discussion for outreach until after this weekend to have time to set up an easy and comprehensive procedure. 
The current Facebook account was discussed as a possible way to communicate about the weekend. This will need to be looked into as it was stated that a person must have a Facebook account in order to access the information. More brainstorming and decisions will be made this winter. 

10. Tom Beal updated our website for the weekend. David will check with him as to his availability to work on this site. The board also needs to decide what will be going on the website and who will be the contact person rather than having anybody and everybody calling Tom (if it is Tom) to add something. 
We discussed the possibilities of adding links to other Men’s organizations. It was recognized that Vince also has the keys to these sites and the knowledge as to how to upload information. 

11. Concerning the historical information on this group. David spoke to Hank Lund and Hank mentioned that MCM had a notebook at one time with information compiled in an organized fashion about the board and the weekends. Brad remembers seeing and talking with Frank about this. David spoke to Frank and Frank said that he brought the box to a weekend a while back and left it on the registrar’s table for someone to take responsibility and store this information. We are following up leads as to where this information is. This box may already have the procedures, duties etc. already outlined for this group. If anyone has any idea as to who has this information, please contact David Hanc. Thank You.

12. The mailing for this weekend went out in a timely fashion. Thanks to those men who had a part in making this happen. 

13. Next board meeting will be at the weekend and a date for a follow-up meeting will be discussed. 

14. Minutes from 8/28/14 accepted. Minutes accepted at general meeting Oct. 19, 2014