Date: October 16, 2016 weekend 
Place: Tanglewood 
In Attendance: Men attending weekend/ Board members 
Minutes submitted by: David/Charlie 

1. Welcome: The current board was acknowledged, and we let men know MCM has 2 slots open on the board. 

2. Treasure’s report: $2,360.81 before weekend. We are in good shape but do need to strive to get more men at the weekends for their participation as well as our financial future. Tomas has agreed to be added to the Treasures list of people who can sign checks and deal with the bank. Tomas and Ian will get together to sign necessary papers for the bank. David will contact Jim D to see if he is still interested in pursuing being a back up treasurer. 

3. Registration numbers: The fall brochure was sent out six weeks before the weekend, 12 men signed up the first week and then no word until the week before the weekend when the rest signed up. The board asked when do we consider cancelling the weekend due to low numbers. Several members spoke to have the weekend with as little as 10 members while keeping a close eye on the financial impact. Rent of Tanglewood remains consistent and we pay extra for each man that stays overnight. 

4. Carl, Tanglewood Liaison will talk with Patti and see what it would mean financially if we had to cancel. Carl will find out what their policy is and the board will discuss. 

5. The board felt that using envelopes to send brochures was worth the effort as well as the cost. Two brochures as well as a poster will be included for the Spring weekend as it was this past fall. 

6. Charlie reported on his visit to Mainely Men meeting. MCM board members can attend their weekends for free. The board will pursue setting up a table at Common Ground Fair with Mainely Men. 

7. A suggestion that men could come for Saturday only at a reduced price. It was also suggested that kids could come for Saturday only and activities could be set up for them. The board will discuss these options. 

8. Holbrook has invited anyone who would like to join him on his radio show as a guest speaker. He would need 8-day notice. The board will consider sending someone before the next weekend to promote MCM. 

9. Updates on the by-laws and 501c3 were provided. Alan has taken on the task of re-writing the “found old bylaws” and adding what is needed for board approval. Charlie has agreed to help him. MCM hopes to have 501c3 status before the next weekend. 

10. The Program committee was recognized … Thanks goes out to John B, Ivan, Charlie, Ham, and Dan. 

11. The board is planning a Phone-a-Thon for January and February 2017. The purpose is to encourage men to attend as well as get accurate information for our database. 

12. The Job list for the Spring 2017 weekend was reviewed and people signed up for the different responsibilities. (See List) 

13. The board will consider a request that we buy our own coffee pumps instead of depending on Tanglewood. 

14. Any man is welcome to attend a board meeting. Please contact David or any board member to find out the next date. Dates change so it is the responsibility of the person making the request to keep in touch with the board about the next meeting. 

15. Next Board Meeting November 15, 2016 at Charlie’s house 

Minutes accepted by the board on Nov 15, 2016