Date: September 20, 2016 
Place: Ian’s house 
In Attendance: Bob, Charlie, Brad, John, Ian, David, Alan 
Minutes submitted by: David / Charlie 

1. Check In 

2. Minutes from July 12, 2016 reviewed and accepted 

3. Treasure’s report: $2741.84 

4. Mainly Men invited MCM Board members to attend their weekend Oct 7-10, 2016. Charlie has agreed to attend on Sunday. Charlie will bring up the idea of a joint booth at 2017 Common Ground Country Fair as well as inviting men to our weekend. 

5. Update on 501-C3. Ian has spoken to a CPA. David asked if someone could take over the writing of the by-laws committee. Alan agreed to take on this role. David will send him the information he has collected. Charlie is willing to help Alan with this endeavor. He will send Alan copies of by-laws from other organizations. We need MCM by-laws in order to apply for 501-C3 status. The plan is to complete this task and apply for this status as soon as possible. 

6. Charlie will send out another copy of the Google account instructions and passwords to the board. 

7. Update on MCM Manual. The manual is on hold until after the weekend. 

8. Registration update: we have 14 men signed up so far and with 4 board members sending in registration, this will bring number to 18. 

9. Oct 14 weekend 
a. General Meeting Agenda: David will set this and e-mail to board if he is unable to attend 
b. Streamline General meeting. David will make a poster with job lists to post. Current men have first dib to continue. Encourage men to sign up before the general meeting 

10. Other: 
a. Board member should work on a paragraph describing their responsibilities Ex. Coffee Meister, Treasurer, Medical kit Supervisor, etc. Get these to David for the Manual. 
b. David will print 3 copies of minutes, Confidentiality agreement, Mission Statement for the weekend for men to enjoy. 
c. David will write another e-mail blurb and send it to Charlie. Charlie will edit and send it off by e-mail to past attendees. 

11. Next Meeting will be the General Meeting at the weekend 

12. Next Board meeting will be Oct 25 at Charlie’s in Hope from 6-8. 

Note: Oct 25 meeting postponed to Nov 15, 2016 

Accepted by Board Nov 15, 2016, 2016