Date: July 12, 2016 
Place: David’s House in Thomaston 
In Attendance: Charlie, Bob, Carl, Alan, Brad, David 
Minutes submitted by: David and Charlie 

1. Check In 

2. Reviewed and accepted minutes from May 17. 

3. Treasure’s Report: Total Cost of the May 2016 weekend was $2145.25. Cash in the bank $2743.84. 

4. E-mail summer blurb to encourage men to bring someone to the next weekend will go to the past 2 groups that attended. The blurb will go out in Early August and in September before the brochure is sent. David will write these and get them to Charlie to be sent. 

5. List of Names that go out after the weekend. A sentence will accompany the list and the group picture and will emphasize confidentiality. This will also be mentioned at the General Meeting at the weekends. 

6. Brochures will be mailed out by September 2, 2016. Last day for discount is September 16. 

7. Stamp and Fold Party will be August 30 at 6:00 PM at David’s house in Thomaston. 

8. A new position, Post Master General, was discussed. Maine Bob will be responsible to keep the name list updated and to be used for brochures. Charlie will be the Assistant Post Master General. 

9. How to bring new men to the weekend was discussed. We will encourage men through e-mails. Posters and an additional brochure/registration will be sent in the mail to members so they can be shared. 

10. Scholarship Fund: The board has decided to wait until we have 501-C3 status before we ask for donations. This status will allow people to write off the donations at tax time. 

11. Website Update: The new and improved website is up and running with new dates of the weekend. Poster and brochure information will be added as soon as they are ready. The minutes will be posted on the website as men have been asking that we do this for some time. It was felt that men that are interested can see the work that the board is doing “behind the scenes” to make our weekends and organization successful. This will also help men feel connected during the year. 

12. E-mail for board members: Charlie will set up e-mails for board members He will explain these and how to access them at the next board meeting. 

13. Cloud Update: Charlie has set up a Goggle Drive account for the archives. He will discuss this with Charles G our historian. 

14. 501-C3. Ian has taken the lead on helping the board with the paperwork. No update at this time. 

15. Phone-a-Thon has been postponed until January 2017. With all the political phone calls that are being received it was felt that we would have better response from men after the election. 

16. Manuel update: David has received 2 responses from the readers so far. No further work has been done on it. Bylaws were worked on using a computer-generated questionnaire. Once completed the company asked for money to be able to print it out. David will work on re-typing these. By-laws need to have President, Secretary and Treasurer named in the document. David will be President, Charlie will be the Secretary and Ian will be the Treasurer. 

17. Other: 
a. Carl is the new Tanglewood liaison. He will contact and Rich from Tanglewood and they will discuss a site in the event a sweat will be taking place. 

Next Board meeting will be from 6-8, Sept 20, 2016 at Ian’s house 

Minutes Accepted Sept 20, 2016