Members present: John Sommo (host), John Bangeman, Joss Coggeshall, David Hanc, Tomas Levesque, Brad Purdy, and Maine Bob

  1. Check-in
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    a. Balance as of 10/29/19 = $4938.38
    b. Deposited from Oct retreat = $2596.00
    c. Total = $7534.38 before costs to Tanglewood and expenses are paid
    d. Discussion centered on coffee expenses – coffee and other assorted condiments on list are taken care of for next May retreat
  3. Process the Fall Retreat
    a. Wooden Name Tags were a success, will offer in the future
    b. Food was discussed – Potluck on Friday night where meat is allowed food needs to be clearly marked
  4. Ratify New Treasurer – does the bank need a letter?
    John B. to speak with Ian about account; John B needs to go to the bank in person (with Ian or Tomas) Branches are in Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Winslow
  5. Review minutes from September 9, 2019 Stamp&Fold/Board meeting
    a. Minutes from the above meeting (09/09/2019) were approved.
    b. 501C3 document still has Charles Crane’s name on it – needs to be removed- (Ian and John S)
  6. Welcome New Registrar – Tomas Levesque
    John will work with Tomas and get him the “information”
  7. Cost of the Fall Weekend Retreat
    $2436 – revenue
    $1600 cost for Tanglewood (estimate)
    $666 cost?
    $170 cost Insurance
    How do we break down the “charge” to each attendee if they don’t attend the whole weekend:
    New Proposal:
    Friday $20.00; Saturday $40.00; Sunday $20.00
    What about men who cancel out? And when they cancel? Do we refund all the money? Need to make a policy, currently it is handled case by case
    Need to document:
    a. New men numbers at the weekend
    b. Money donated
    c. Money from auction
    d. Plan to document registrations (John B)
  8. Services to be auctioned off – by whom is the question
    “Auction Services” – individual men can auction off their services but MCM cannot provide services due to non-profit status.
  9. Cancellation Policy – I think this is referring to events such as weather or such that make Tanglewood facilities unavailable – do we cancel the weekend? When would we make that decision and how to get the word out? Tabled…
  10. Program Committee Responsibilities – Job Description
    What are the things to give direction to the Program Committee?
    Facebook question – defer to Dan Kirchoff
    a. Should MCM facebook be public? Issue was tabled until next board meeting.
  11. MCM Productions – George
  12. Website (Dan Kirchoff) Dan email to David Hanc
    New MCM website “progressing”
  13. Day rate for the weekend? but see above notes for changes to rate.
  14. CD Exchange at weekend
    Suggested $1/CD John Bangeman or John Sommo will coordinate – Brad has flats to store “100” Deferred to next board meeting for pricing and proced
  15. Non-profit agency questions
  16. Other issues:
    a. Is the weekend too rushed?
    b. Phone bank for next weekend? (after the March 7th primary) – call them; leave phone or text message if they’re not there
    c. Medical conditions – place to put on the registration form – Registrar (Tomas) would share this information with medical people
    d. Variety Show – Any change in format need to be presented to the MCM Variety Host – Board may be consulted
    e. More workshops are needed – Joss
    f. Time for Program Committee – workshops
    g. Do we need policy for weather cancellation?
    A-C from suggestion box
  17. Next meeting
    January 8th, 2020 (Wednesday) at 6pm; backup date is January 15th, 2020. Host is John Sommo (John Bangeman as backup).

Minutes accepted on 1/08/20 by the MCM Board