Zoom meeting. 630-830pm.
Directors present: MaineBob, Phil Elkin, David Hanc, John Bangeman, Carl Stoddard, Tomas Levesque, Joss Coggeshall

  1. Check In
  2. Treasurer’s Report – John
    Current Balance (Bangor Savings Bank account): $4,480.45. Last activity in the account was payment of $59.79 to David Hanc for to reimburse him for MCM expenses (December 31, 2021). Also discussed was the IRS request to file for non-profit status and the 990 Form for Maine Coast Men. John is looking into those two issues.
  3. Review past minutes from 11/04/2021 MCM meeting. Minutes accepted.
  4. Items other than the upcoming MCM retreat are tabled until the next meeting.
  5. April 29-May 1 MCM weekend retreat brochure
    a. Needs to go out 6 weeks before weekend (March 18)
    b. Dave – will send message out to Ham Niles and Dan Kirchoff (program committee
    c. Who should we target? Members/new members? Tomas – contact information – mailing list
    d. New Men’s initiative – any incentives? Scholarships?
    John – “you can come free” MaineBob – pay a small amt or something
    i. Men 14-17 still attend for free
    ii. Saturday only attendance – will NOT advertise this in the brochure
    e. Time table – Brochure goes out on March 18
    John and Tomas – get together on registration form
    f. What goes in the brochure –
    i. Covid protocols – who will write this up?
    ii. People should be vaccinated before coming
    iii. People should be tested before weekend
    iv. Free test – non-profit
    v. Require men to have vaccinations and booster
    vi. Won’t ask for proof of vaccinations
    vii. Require a quick test – do at registration
    viii. Joss and John – write up a Covid protocol plan
    ix. Attendees bring masks ? Do they need to be N-95 masks or can they be cloth or surgical masks?
    x. Alternative sleeping arrangements – tents, cars
    xi. You can wear mask if you want to – not mandated
    xii. Where will masks be worn? Sauna? Voluntary?
    xiii. What do we do about sleeping arrangements? How many men per building? Distancing?
    xiv. Food – David to contact Brad
    xv. Registration Form – Tomas
    xvi. Sign-off statement? Should it be rewritten?
    xvii. Silent auction? – leave off the brochure or the weekend?
    xviii. Workshops: ad hoc let people develop workshops that they want to. Trust that they (workshops) will happen
    xix. Saturday only attendance will not be advertised
    xx. Electronic payment – Dan K – not ready – no electronic payment yet. “Venmo”? – Tomas has account people can pay him then he reimburses MCM
    xxi. Variety show – any issues? Let it go on as normal
    xxii. Tree nuts statement – needs to be in the brochure
    xxiii. Facebook – ?
    xxiv. Tomas – MCM registration address.  Address has been changed to reflect that Tomas is the registrar. Who is responsible to get brochure copied, stamps, envelopes? Tomas and MaineBob to scan the mailing list for men who have passed away.
    xxv. Stamp party or individuals
  6. E-mail encouragement to members? Dates to be posted?
    Phone numbers in blurbs: radio, papers, etc.
    Ask Dan to put blurb in the Free Press; Radio station in Rockland; Ad in paper (local)
  7. Mailing list: Men who have died – remove the names
  8. At the weekend
    a. Weekend facilitator? MCM Member Board member back up (who)?
    Joss volunteered to be the Facilitator
    b. Sleeping quarters
    c. Name tags. Wood? Plastic? Get the big pink post-it sheets from Staples to supplement what we have on hand
    d. Opening and closing circles – check in/out
    Let the Program committee guide the check in for the circles
    e. Mentors – Tomas, the registrar, to assign a MCM Board member to each new man
    f. Carl has the “announcement/eating time” bell that Charles had
    g. Photography – MaineBob,  Back up David
    Updating short movies
    h. Medical Presentation? Heimlich manuever? Defibrillator?
    Joss or Dan to present
    i. List of people who signed up for weekend retreat jobs
    David has list – send out to ? David to compile list of who volunteered for each task
    j. General Business meeting on Sunday
    Don’t let it degenerate into arguments. Tomas has the MCM quilts
  9. Other: Miniseries: February 17th – Thursday – MaineBob to host
  10. Next meeting
    Brochure needs to be out by March 18th
    Next Board meeting to be on March 10th – Thursday – 630-830 (zoom).