Zoom meeting: 630-830pm.
Directors Present: David Hanc, Joss Coggeshall, Tomas Levesque, John Bangeman, MaineBob. Phil Elkin could not be present. Guest: Carl Stoddard

  1. Check In
  2. Review past minutes from Board meetings of 02/10/2022
    Corrections: MaineBob is primary photographer with David as backup, not George. Joss’s last name is spelled Coggeshall
    Minutes approved as amended
  3. Treasurer Report (John)
    No change in checking balance. David needs copy of Insurance policy to give to Patti at Tanglewood.
  4. Upcoming Weekend Retreat
    a. New Men
    b. Covid Protocols
    i. Joss had conversation with Patti (Tanglewood):
    CDC – Masks (congregant living); Do something outside; separate into cabins
    Mainely Men: they are going with strict protocols for their retreat
    Mask wearing in the Tanglewood lodge? (except for eating)
    Tomas shared; David shared: MaineBob shared. We should decide before the retreat on masks vs no masks.
    Sign: “Must be vaccinated and boosted beyond this point”
    Tomas to shop at Staples to get supplies for signs
    “Covid Sheriff” – David. “Deputy Sheriff” – John
    Rapid tests for Covid; takes 15 mins; 4 for free; takes 3 weeks; get as many for free then buy what we need
    Do registration and covid testing in the arts and crafts building (this may not be the correct name – it’s the building right down the hill from the lodge) Tomas and John to work together; then give the attendees a sticker – “I’m cleared”
    c. Question for Tom Jamrog (liaison to Tanglewood) and Patti: Sleeping arrangements for weekend attendees. 10 spots – where do they plan to sleep? Predetermined – what buildings are available?
    d. Walkups will be turned away. “You had to register to come”. “Full weekend only”. No Saturday only attendees.
    e. Brad – will handle food
    f. Tomas – ?
    g. Business Meeting
    h. Group Photo
    i. Closing Circle
    j. Meal
    k. Clean-up
    l. Registration Mail Stamp Party – MaineBob’s – March 18th or 19th
    Envelopes: buy @Staples
    Stamps: self-sticking (Carl to get stamps)
    m. Poster: MaineBob to work with Tomas (March 18th)
  5. Mainely Men and Maine Coast Men – Join together?
    MaineBob: each organization has its own culture and traditions
    Tomas: (maybe same subject): switch to one meeting/retreat per year vs 2/year
    Invitation to Mainely Men
    Men and Women weekend retreat?
  6. Miniseries moved from March 17th to March 24th (John to host)
  7. MCM Board needs men
  8. Next meeting: (after the weekend which is April 29, 30, May 1)
    Next meeting is May 12th.