Members Present: Joss, David, Carl, Tomas, Ham, Phil, Bob, John

  1. Check in was done by all.
  2. Minutes 3/10/22 were presented and passed by all board members.
  3. Treasurer John B has of 3/20/22  $4,480.45.
  4. No additional items for meeting
  5. Joss has agreed to be our secretary. He will study our 501c3 status and work toward understanding this classification.
  6. Board update:
    a. Carl rejoined the board. 
    b. Unfortunately we have learned that Robert Davis has died. Thank you for your service, you will be missed.
    c. George Agular has resigned from the MCM Board.
    d. The board may need to revisit our bylaws to see if they need to be changed or updated.
  7. Spring Weekend Retreat Update
    a. Ham will be facilitating the weekend. Bob will assist.
    b. All men will be tested on arrival for Covid.  All men will need to have a vax card or fill out a form saying they have had the full vaccination and booster treatment.  Anyone testing positive will need to go home.
    c. The board members will supply test kits. These may be donated or will be replaced after the weekend.
    d. Tomas will do the registration with help from John
    e.  Ham reports there are many workshops already.
    f. Ham is working on a way to ring a bell for the men who have passed as we call them into the circle.
    g. Joss will address the group on Friday night explaining and answering any questions about Covid procedures for the weekend. Joss will work with Ham to set up plan for wearing masks and distancing for the weekend.
    h. Tom Jamrog, Tanglewood liaison will work out sleeping arrangements Friday afternoon.
    i.  There will be a variety show, Ham will find someone to organize and run it.
  8. Registration will be from 4-6 Friday evening. Anyone arriving after that will need to call Tomas or David and it will be decided if we register them that night or wait until morning. If they need a cabin they will need to be tested.
  9. David provided the jobs list that we have. We will need to fill positions on Friday night or Saturday Morning.
  10. Saturday Only Option. David and Joss will be available to register and provide Covid Test Saturday morning from 6:30-7:00 and from 8-8:30. Men will need to call David if they arrive later than that.
    Saturday only option will be possible for medical reasons.
    a. Cost $40.  Scholarship are always available.
    b. Deadline will be 4/21/22 to register
  11. Bob will send out a reminder to sign up and to remind men of  Mini Series on the 24th.
  12. Should there be any protesting men or men not registered who come to Tanglewood and refuse to leave when ask, the alternative will be to call the police. This is a private affair and the facility is being rented by MCM. Hopefully this will not happen.
  13. Name tags are with the registration supplies.
  14. Joss will bring masks for the weekend 15.
  15. A statement for vaccination if the vax card is not present will be will be written by Joss.

Respectfully submitted, Joss Coggeshall and David Hanc