1. The current Board Members were recognized and thanked for their service.
    a. Tomas Levesque, Treasure, Quilt Curator
    b. Maine Bob O’Connor, Technical Advisor, Zoomologist, Photographer, Post Master General
    c. John Bangeman, Treasurer
    d. Carl Stoddard, recently rejoined MCM Board, Bell Keeper, Fire Keeper
    e. Joss Coggeshall, Secretary, Assistance Treasurer, Co-Med Kit Supervisor
    f. Phil Elkin, newest member of the board, Co-Med Kit Supervisor
    g. David Hanc, President
  2. Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $4480.45 before this weekend retreat
  3. Mini Series. This has been a huge success with 6-18 men showing up for check in and general discussion or program presentation. The Mini-Series is every 3rd Thursday of the month. Notices are sent out by e-mail. The series will continue into the future. Please join us, it is a great way to stay connected.
  4. Ham Niles and Dan Kirchoff were recognized and thanked for developing the Program committee. Ham took on the duel role of facilitating the weekend retreat.  Dan was recognized for his amazing artwork that he shares with MCM to be used on the brochures. Tom Beal recognized for his efforts to develop the brochure. Tom also hosts the MCM Website and helps manage it.
  5. Brad was recognized for his contributions to developing and making the wonderful meals. Brad also offers a variety of meals to those with food allergies.
  6. Parker Waite step in, again, and did a wonderful job as Coffee Meister for the retreat.
  7. MCM Jobs and Tasks for the Oct. 14-16, 2022 Retreat are attached. We need to get a volunteer for the Program Committee as a priority.
  8. By Laws will be reviewed by the board and changes will be made to match to better represent who we are.
  9. Dan has recently re-built the MCM Website and is working on registration/payment on-line as an option.
  10. MCM needs more men to attend the weekend. Each man present is being asked to find a man who would be interested in attending next fall’s weekend.
  11. The call for new board member went out and two attendees volunteered to be on the board. The board appreciates Ham Niles (re-joining the board) and Tom Beal. All board meeting will be on Zoom to help with the travel time it used to take. More board members would be welcomed. MCM currently has 9 members and has room for 12. Many hands make for lighter work for all.
  12. David Hanc has resigned as President after 7 years in that role. David will stay on the board to help in the transition to the new leadership.
  13. Next Board meeting is May 12, 2022 from 6:30-8:30. All members are welcomed to attend the board meetings. Contact a board member to get the Zoom address and time for future meetings.

MCM Jobs and Tasks:
Oct 14, 15, 16 2022

Program Committee:
Weekend Facilitator:  Charlie Crane, Tom Beal
Fri Night Pot Luck:  David Hanc
Sat Breakfast:  Daniel Wendel
Sat Lunch:  Ham Niles
Sat Dinner: Tom Beal
Sun Breakfast: Dan Wendel
Variety Show:
Coffee Meister: Parker Waite, David Hanc back-up
Workshop Organizers:  Ham Niles, John McBee
Registrar: Tomas Levesque, back up Maine Bob O’Connor
Treasurers: John Bangeman. Joss Coggeshall back up
Post Master General: Maine Bob O’Conner, Thomas Levesque, (Tom Beal?)
Food Master Chef: Brad Purdy, Charlie Crane       
Master of the Kitchen: Brad Purdy, Charlie Crane       
Dishwasher: Meister  John Bangeman
Med Kit Supervisor: Joss Coggeshall  Back Up: Phil Elkin
Quilt Curator: Tomas Levesque
Tanglewood Liaison: Tom Jamrog Back Up: David Hanc         
Brochure: Tom Beal,
Brochure Proof Reader: MCM Board
Fire keeper: Joss Coggleshell, Carl Stoddard
Keeper of the MCM Bocce Balls: Thomas Levesque
Bell Keeper: Carl Stoddard, Ham Niles
MCM Drum Keeper:  Michael Scott
MCM Signs: Tomas Levesque
Photographer: Maine Bob O’Connor,   Backup: David Hanc
Website Guru: Tom Beal , Dan Kirchoff 
Website Managers: Tom Beal, Dan Kirchoff, Maine Bob O’Connor
Facebook Managers: Dan Kirchoff, Advisor Maine Bob
Keeper of the Mailing Lists: Maine Bob O’Connor , Tomas Levesque, David Hanc
Pictorial Historian:  Ben Rehmeyer