Date: April 10, 2018 
Place: Giovanni’s (John) 
In Attendance: Charlie, Giovanni (John), Steve C, Brad, Maine Bob, John B., David 
Minutes Submitted by: David 

1. Check In 

2. Acknowledged and talked about the men who have died in this past year: John Bly, Bob Lumbert, Joe Rehmeyer, Les Hyde (Kevin Meunier -we were notified about him on April 27 after this meeting) 
a. Opening circle — Program Committee (PC) will announce the men who have recently died and hold a minute of silence. The mentioning of the names of all men who have passed will be just before the break during the opening circle. 
b. A workshop called “Processing Death” will have time dedicated to talk about these men. 
c. E-mails: when men die a notice will be sent out to the MCM members via e-mail once we have been given permission by the family to send it out or once the information has been made public. 
d. The use of the MCM e-mail list for other reasons such as “GoFundMe” requests or other solicitations is prohibited. MCM e-mail is to be used to promote this group and to support the MCM mission statement. 

3. Treasure’s Report — There is $3876.49 in the bank account 
a. $3,500 is our reserve account. This money is used to cover costs such as insurance, supplies and scholarships for the weekend as well as be a back up amount for leaner times. For the upcoming weekend the money over this amount will be used as a “new man initiative”. The first 3 men to sign up who have never been to a MCM weekend will have their fees waived. Using this money in this way promotes our goal of increasing membership as well as supporting our mission. The board will assess how this was received and consider this initiative for future weekends. 
b. Cups and T-shirts. The membership will get a chance to see examples of the cups this coming weekend and decide if MCM should invest in them as gifts or as something people could purchase in the future. We will try to have t-shirt prices available. 
c. General Meeting Suggestions: 
i. Solicit men to sign up for meals after each meal during the weekend. 
ii. Announce board openings or job opportunities on Saturday 
iii. If suggestions are made from the floor, it may be appropriate
to announce that the board will discuss the item and bring
information back to the next weekend. 

4. Minutes from Jan 16, 2018 board meeting were reviewed and accepted 

5. Who is leaving the board? Charlie will be leaving the board but is willing continue the role as registrar. Charlie, our registrar, will work with the treasurer in regards to who and how much money is being used for scholarships. 

6. Status for 501(C)3. 
a. A write up is needed for the records to explain what this 501(C)3. means for MCM. Charlie suggested that we wait until we hear form the IRS after the 1023 EZ form has been submitted and accepted. 
b. Charlie will submit the 1023 EZ form 
c. Charlie will develop a letter so the men donating auction items can fill it out to use the gift as a tax write off. 

7. Quilts. Thomas is the current quilt curator. He will be asked to bring them to the weekend if they are not in use. 

8. Common Ground Fair: The MCM application is in. Charlie and Maine Bob will set up on Thursday. Men will be encouraged at the weekend to sign up for slots during the fair to be at our table providing information. 

9. May 2018 MCM weekend 
a. Young man activities: Tomas will organize Bocci game, Brad will include them in the kitchen, boys will be encourage to look at the workshops and join in if interested. 
b. Task List: David will update 
c. Mentors will be assigned by the registrar for any new men. The mentors are board members and the new men will be assigned someone they do not know. 
d. Agenda for Business meeting. A large paper will be posted so men can list items before the meeting on Sunday. (David) 

10. Next meeting will be the General membership meeting on May 6, 2018 

Next MCM Board Meeting will be May 16, 2018 from 6-8 at Steve Case House. 

Board Approved by e-mail on May 2, 2018