Date: May 6, 2018
In Attendance: Men from the May 4, 5, 6 weekend
Minutes Submitted by: David, assisted by John Sommo

1. Board members were recognized for their hard work these past years. Charlie and Paul were thanked for their service as they leave the board. Charlie will continue to be the registrar. Charlie was further recognized for his energy, hard work and extra time he has given to MCM.

2. John Summo and Robert Davis were voted in as new board members. John B and Bob O decided to stay on the board at this time.

3. Next election will be at the May weekend in 2019.
• Current Board terms until May 2019: Tomas, Lew, Carl, David, Ian, Brad
• May 2020: Steve A, Steve C, John S, Robert D, John Giovanni, John B, Bob O
• The board is attempting to develop a rotation of members on the board. At the present time, any board member can request to leave the board at any time. Board members with their experience will be encouraged to stay for more than one “two year” term. Past board members are always welcomed to rejoin the board. There is no limit as how many terms can be served.
• MCM have a 13 board member limit which is currently at its capacity.

4. Treasurer’s report: $3870.49 before the weekend. Currently $3125 . The next report at the board meeting on May 16 will include auction ($242), fees collected from 34 men attending, expenses, donations.
a. Use of funds was discussed. The “New Man’s Initiative” was explained and unanimously approved. Any amount of money over the $3500 operating and back-up fund account will be used to waive the fee for a new man attending the weekend. Ex. If we have $300 over, the first 3 new men get their fee waived. Scholarships, which are different, are still available upon request.
b. Liability Insurance went up from $400 to $406 yearly
c. Auction was voted on to be continued for next weekend

5. Quilts: Tomas is the quilt curator. Any man can request a quilt by calling Tomas. The quilts are used for all types of events from weddings, sickness, death and even to bring in positive energy to sell a house.

6. The results of the mugs and T-shirt sample voting was discussed. This will now go to the board for a decision. Bandanas were suggested as something the board may consider.

7. Attached to these minutes are the names of the volunteers for the October 12, 13, 14, 2018 weekend.

8. A Drum was donated to MCM that can be borrowed by contacting Charles G, our new Drum curator. This drum has special meaning as it belonged to a past member Buddy, given to Hank Lunn and now to the MCM community members,.

9. Emails to MCM members will be kept to Maine Coast Men business only. No solicitations for outside interests will be considered. Men in need of support for illness or death can request information sent out with permission granted by the family. A procedure will be developed at the next board meeting. In the meantime, feel free to contact David or any board member with your request.

10. Men are asked to post MCM business cards to all bulletin boards at places like restaurants, stores, community buildings etc. This is an attempt to advertise our existence. More business cards are available by contacting David Hanc.

11. MCM is asking men to bring in pictures of past weekends with a list of who these men are, if possible, to archive our past. A booklet of some type will be set up to record memories of the men who have died. John Giovanni agreed to lead this effort.

MCM Jobs and Tasks: October 12, 13, 14, 2018
Program Committee: Carl, Ian, Lew
Weekend Facilitator: John B ___________ (Board Member)
Fri Night Pot Luck: Tom Beal, David Hanc
Sat Breakfast: Tomas, Daniel
Sat Lunch: David, Andrew
Sat Dinner: John Giovanni, Andrew
Sun Breakfast: Charlie, Maine Bob, Daniel
Variety Show: Hank, Vincent as back up
Auctioneer Open_______________________
Auctioneer Assistant/Recorder: Tom Beal
Coffee Meister: Parker, Back up Carl
Workshop Organizers: Charles G, Back Up Tom Beal
Registrar: Charlie C, Back Up Maine Bob
Treasurers: Ian, Tomas
Post Master General: Maine Bob O _____
Food Master Chef: Brad, Vincent
Master of the Kitchen: Brad, Vincent
Dishwasher Meister: Alan, Lew
Med Kit Supervisor: Joss Back Up: Alan
Quilt Curator: Thomas
Tanglewood Liaison: Carl, Back Up Tom Jamrog
Brochure: Tom B , Vincent
Brochure Proof Reader: Rick A. /Mike A
Fire keeper: Holbrook
Keeper of the MCM Bocce Balls: David
Bell Keeper: Charles G, Holbrook
MCM Signs: Charlie, Steve A
Photographer: Maine Bob O, Backup; David
Website Guru: Tom B.
Website Managers: Needs to be defined
Facebook Managers: Charlie Dan Advisor Maine Bob
Keeper of the Mailing Lists: Charlie C and Maine Bob
Common Ground Fair Coordinators: Charlie, Maine Bob O.
2018 Set-up Thursday: Bob, Charlie
2018 Take Down Sunday: Bob
Volunteers for table: Andrew, Robert D, David, Ian, Lew, Brad, Steve, Carl,

Minutes accepted by Board on May 18, 2018