Date: May 16, 2018
Place: Steve Case’s House
In Attendance: Carl, Brad, Bob O, Giovani, John B, Steve, Robert, John, David
Minutes Submitted by: David

1. Check in

2. Welcome Robert and John to the MCM Board

3. Review of past weekend was positive. Things that made the weekend work well: having workshops volunteers before weekend, posting workshops on web, posting a timetable for weekend events (workshops, meals, events etc.) Acknowledging the men who have past at the beginning of circle, taking time to speak about these men before the break helped the group process, volunteers for duties went smooth, high energy at weekend.
Future weekends
a. Program Committee to decide how to get workshops
b. Post event times on Friday Night
c. Consider having a time to remember men before break will be up to Program Committee

4. Treasure’s report: MCM Spring ’18 summary:
Income $2,42.00 auction
$3,070.00 registration
Expenses ($2,577.09)
Net Income $630.75
Current Balance $3,694.24

5. Minutes from General Meeting on May 4, 2018 were accepted with minor changes

6. Mugs T shirts, Bandanas: The upfront costs along with the minimum orders make mugs and T-shirts items prohibited at this time. Robert will check with Liberty Graphics as to costs of a bandana with logo.

7. Acknowledgement of presenters of the workshops will continue at the weekend. The Board felt that it was unnecessary to send out further thanks after the weekend.

8. Accomplishments to date: MCM is financially sound with $3500 in reserve/working account. MCM Website has been re-built and is active. MCM has 501c3 status. New Men’s Initiative is in place, Auctions raise money and are fun. MCM is able to give tax slip to people who donate. Presence at Common Ground Fair. Business cards are being posted on Bulletin Boards. MCM Manual nearly complete, By-laws have been rewritten. Average attendance for weekends is over 30. Board is healthy and strong.

9. Secretary Position: Lew will talk with Charlie for details and will consider taking on this role.

10. Medical Kit Update:
a. Board has authorized Joss to go through the kit and update it, add a tick remover to kit. Costs will be covered.
b. Carl will check with Tanglewood and ask if the “Epipens” located in the kitchen can be used by MCM. If used do we need to use one do we replace it or is this part of our rental fee.

11. Directions for the future:
a. How to change what we feel is the present image of “A group of secretive old men meeting in the woods”. We need to think of ways to inform and attract younger men 20-45 into this group. We need to figure out a way to use social media to help in this effort. Subject to be further discussed at next board meeting.
b. MCM Weekends will now be referred to as “MCM Weekend Retreat”. Most people can identify and understand the word “retreat” which will help explain what we do. The Website will need to reflect this new title.

12. 501c3 –
a. Who will keep tabs on these forms? John B and Ian? (this needs to be checked)
b. Non-Profit Status — Yearly Fillings
c. Our tax benefit form need to have EIM Number added. (Who was contacting Charlie to get form and do this?)
d. Info on file is in PDF Format. Bob has the technology to change the format so it can be updated
e. Donations and Sponsors need the new form with the EIM number. Once we have this edited form an e-mail message will be sent out to the May, 2018 participants letting them know it is available upon request.

13. Pictures and Book for archiving men who have attended weekends: Names will still be added to the pictures but will not be published publically. The pictures with names can be used in the book that Giavanni is working on. This can be brought to the men’s Weekend Retreats. If falls under the current confidentiality rules of MCM.

14. E-mail Procedure. MCM will use Blind Copy for e-mails going out to the General MCM Community. The list containing the weekends participants contact information will go out only to the people at that weekend. Any man at the weekend can ask that his info be removed. Bob O and Charlie the updated, entire MCM list of names.

15. TABLED TO NEXT MEETING: Web site managers, website guru, Facebook Managers roles need to be clarified. Keeper of the Mailing Lists as well as Post Master General roles also need to be defined.

16. TABLED TO NEXT MEETING: Communications Director

17. Board Meeting Food: The host will decide if it is a pot luck or if they are providing the food. The host can also provide a main meal and ask for people to bring items. This information will be e-mailed to the board in advance.

Next Board meeting at David’s house in Jefferson. Wednesday, June 27, 6-8

Minutes accepted June 27, 2018