Date: June 22, 2017 
Place: Charlie’s house 
In Attendance: Charlie, Allan, Brad, David 
Minutes submitted by: David 

1. Minutes: 
a. Minutes from May18, 2017 were accepted with changes made to #8 “We welcome all self identified men with respect and good will to be part of Maine Coast Men” This will be added to by-laws as well as future flyers 
b. General Meeting Minutes May 7, 2017 – Charlie will send them to David and David will send them to Board to be reviewed and accepted by e-mail 

2. Treasures Report — MCM has a balance of $3,076.38 after having paid all weekend expenses, liability insurance, bought checks and filed with the Sec-retary of State. We have no outstanding bills and none are anticipated. 

3. MCM Google page to share articles: A training session will be planned for the future. 

4. 501 C-3 update: MCM is now incorporated. Ian and Charlie will apply for IRS for 501 C-3 status. Thanks go out to Charlie and all board members for stick-ing with this long process. 

5. Ideas for bringing younger men to weekends: (Paul and Thomas are discussing and will bring ideas to a board meeting in the future.) 

6. MOFGA News: As of June 22, 2017 MCM did not make the cut for a table this year at the Common Ground Fair. 
* Note: Charlie was contacted by MOFGA in July and we currently have a table at the CGF. Charlie is coordinating the volunteer list for men to sit at the table and inform interested people about MCM. Charlie will have our banner made. Next board meeting we will discuss what to offer at he able. (ideas so far are business cards with contacts, the article from Bangor Newspaper, applications to attend. 

7. Using a Phone Tree to stay in touch: Charlie and Thomas are working on a proposal to share with the board. 

8. MCM Auction will be held again at the fall weekend. A mentor will be sought from the men attending to help organize in the future. 

9. Donations to MCM , letters, tax codes etc: 
a. MCM needs to get 501C-3 status first. Ian and Charlie will get in contact with the IRS. 
b. The Treasurer will need to send out acknowledgement letters at the end of the year for donations. A generic tax form letter will be developed or copied from an other organization, on-line may be a possibility. 
c. Donated items for Auction may also be claimed for tax purposes. (Details need to be worked out) 

10. MCM Weekend Oct 14,15, 16, 2017. 
a. Brad is working on the Program for the fall. 
b. Idea: Items for sale/trade have a blog page where men can go to list what they need or for have to offer to trade/sell before the weekend. 

11. Fold and Stamp Party is August 29 at Charlie’s house. Brochure goes out Sept 4, 2017. Flyer needs to be completed by August 14. 

12. Other: 
a. MCM will continue to offer a $30 Saturday for men to experience the week-end. These men will be assigned a mentor using the guidelines of our current process. 
b. Scholarship names will be kept confidential between registrar and treasurer. 
c. The lower age limit for men to attend the Saturday or the weekend is 14. Young men who are age 14-17 can attend for free with an adult. 
d. Children should not be brought to the weekend. 
e. Weekend for young men — Can we build a Saturday program for them? (Will be discussed at the next board meeting to discuss) 

Next Board Meeting: August 29 6-8 at Charlie’s house. This will also be a work session for the Fold and Stamp Party. 

Minutes accepted at the August 29, 2017 meeting by the board