Date: August 29, 2017 
Place: Charlie’s house 
In Attendance: Brad, John, Bob, Charlie, Carl, Ian, Paul, David 
Minutes Submitted by: David 

1. Checked in while holding the “Stamp and Fold Party” collating the brochures. 

2. Treasure’s report: MCM has a balance of $3032.38 before any costs for the mailing of the brochures. Financially we are good shape. 

3. Review of Minutes: General Meeting Minutes from May 7, 2017 had been accepted, June 22 Minutes accepted with minor changes. 

4. Common Ground Fair – Sept 22-24, 2017 
a. Charlie will send out another request for men to sign up to sit at the table. 
b. David will make up business cards, Charlie will send Logo to David 
c. Bob will run off copies of the letter from last year’s Bangor Daily paper 
d. Charlie will run off additional brochures/registration forms 
e. Charlie will have the banner made up out of vinyl 
f. We will use one quilt, the other will say with Joe 
g. David will get a table and chairs to Charlie before the weekend 
h. Charlie will set up the night before the fair 
i. Charlie will let the board know the slots that are filled for the table. Board members may be asked to do additional times slots if needed 
j. Be sure to let Charlie know if you will need a ticket to get in 

5. MCM Weekend Oct 13, 14, 15, 2017 
a. Auctioneer Charlie will ask if someone would like to be a mentor for future auctions 
i. Charlie will use the same format as last time minus the silent
b. Format for young men who attend Saturday will be developed by Brad 
c. Brad and David will facilitate the weekend 
d. Jobs and Task list — David will search past notes for the copy from Charlie. John provided a partial list he took notes on. David will put together what we have and send it out to the board. 
e. Registration at weekend will be covered by John and Ian 
f. Carl, Tanglewood liaison, will contact Steve, caretaker, so the camp information can be given directly to him. Carl will share needed info with the group. 
g. Mentors — the system that we established has been working well. John will assign mentors to new men. The MCM mentors are all board members. 
h. Charlie will send out another e-mail to the men on the MCM participant list reminding them to sign up early and to bring an auction item 

6. Ian had received an e-mail from one of the men about the board controlling what participants do during the weekend. David will contact this man to discuss his concerns and assure him the board has no agenda to direct men during the weekend workshops. 

7. Joe R. is looking for someone to take over the role as “Quit Curator” The men at the weekend will be asked to volunteer. Joe wrote up a detailed description on how to care for these precious items. 
a. Joe has requested that men send him a small item. Ian will write up a paragraph that will detail his health as well as Joe’s request for support and the date of his upcoming gathering. Ian will send this to Charlie and Charlie will sent it out to our e-mail mailing list. 

8. Manual Update — David continues to work on it … with luck it will be ready for this weekend. 

9. Ideas on bringing in younger men to MCM will be discussed at the next regular board meeting (Paul, Thomas) 

10. Update on 501c3. Currently MCM is incorporated. Form 1023ez need to be filled out and submitted. Ian and Charlie will take care of this. 

11. An MCM Blog page to ask for, buy, or sell things will be discussed at the next regular board meeting in Oct. 

Next General meeting will be at the weekend on Sunday Oct 15, 2017. 

The next regular board meeting will be at David’s house (Brad as Backup) in Jefferson on Oct.23, 6-8. 

Minutes accepted by e-mail procedure from the board Oct. 1, 2017