Zoom meeting: 630-830pm
Directors present: MaineBob, David Hanc, John Bangeman
Check In – will do it during the miniseries

  1. Review of Minutes – tabled until the next meeting
  2. Treasurer’s Report (John B)
    Current Balance is $4,831.24
    Latest expenditure is the $300 MOFGA ad
  3. Duplicate bank statement to Josh (“copy to Josh, George”)?
  4. Next agenda: Unclaimed money John B to find out and report back at the next meeting
  5. Miniseries for August and September
    a. Difficult to organize miniseries
    b. Focus on upcoming October retreat
    c. We’re going to be busy putting on the weekend – open the Board meetings to everyone
    d. Letter should be sent out: “Miniseries was a success thru the Covid pandemic to help people connect”
  6. August Events: Gatherings
    BA’s Poems
    August 1st
    August 14th
    Tonight is the last miniseries
    MaineBob: please put out letter with gatherings for Ian Collins, Charles Guilford, and Tom Hopps
  7. October Retreat
    Registration Form (Tomas) (pdf) Send to David