Zoom Meeting: 630-830pm
Directors present: MaineBob, David Hanc, John Bangeman, Joss Coggeshall.
Check In

  1. Treasurer’s Report – John
    Current Balance is $4,540.24
  2. MaineBob sent out Survey on the upcoming October retreat – received 3 responses back from the MCM community
  3. BOD responses to the survey: “Would you attend a one-day retreat? Would you attend a three-day retreat?”
    MaineBob – would attend a one-day event (in person)
    David (in person) – will not attend a one-day event
    Joss –
    John (in person) – will not attend a one-day event
  4. Food – Brad would be lead person
    Board Decision: NOT in favor of hosting a three-day event
  5. 1-Day Event
    a. Timeline
    b. In person or Zoom
    c. Send out Survey via Mail Chimp
    d. “Do we meet for up to 6 hrs?” (In person)
    Bathroom Facilities, Parking, Food, How many – issues to consider for in-person event
    e. “Do we have a 2-hr Zoom meeting?”
    f. Alternative sites: Lake Saint George $150 rental fee; Damariscotta Lake; Tanglewood is free
    g. MaineBob to send out Mail Chimp tomorrow – data back by Monday
    h. Decide by Monday what we will do
    i. Program @ In-person event? Or get together and have Check-In
    j. Brainstorming
    i. Simple Registration form
    Emergency contacts
    Food allergies
    ii. If we have an In-person event?
    Ham: Do we have a program?
    Theme of Day
    Who is Facilitator of the day?
  6. New MCM Board members to continue the organization
    a. Robert Davis – unable to attend
    b. George – who knows what he is doing?
    c. Tomas –
  7. Next Meeting
    Today is 9/9/21. Next meeting is 9/16/21 @630pm.
    What will it look like? Ham, Dan, Brad, Patti, David will be present
  8. Suggestion: MCM and Mainely Men – get together this winter