Date: 10/18/2015 

Place: Tanglewood 
In Attendance: Business meeting at MCM Weekend 8:40-9:35 AM 
Minutes submitted by: Lew/David 

1. Registration on line is still being pursued by board 

2. Board resignations and additions. John R and Sepp B resigned. MCM would like to thank them for their service. Alan and Ward joined the board at the June 2015 board meeting. Charlie volunteered and joined the board at this business meeting. Welcome to the new board members. 

3. Treasure’s Report by Ian. Coming to the weekend we had $2624.46. Food and Coffee $550, First Aid Kit $125.70. Other expenses to follow ie: Bocce balls, printing etc . Brad reports that it cost $3.90 per man per meal. Don and Ian are currently the treasures. Ian requested that we have an additional man begin learning the role of Treasurer. Jim D. volunteered. Thank you Ian, Don and now Jim for taking on this responsibility. 

4. Request from Holbrook that we look at a sliding scale for the weekend as some men may well be able to afford more than the $100 fee at this time. The board will discuss this option. 

5. 2015 Summer Celebration was discussed and an explanation as to why it was not held was provided. 

6. Mission Statement from the board was read and with some slight adjustments it was accepted. The mission statement for MCM is as follows: 
“The mission of MCM is to create a space where all men can come and explore issues that are important to self and others in an encouraging and confidential environment.” 

7. A position of “Curator” was created to keep a paper copy of the minutes, pictures and anything else that we would like to save for future generations. Charles G. volunteered for this position. Thank You Charles. The question arose if any man can access this information including past group pictures. Bob O. and Dan K will discuss how this could be done. The board will discuss this request. 

8. A statement and definition of “Confidentiality” will be discussed and developed by the board as to what men can share with the outside world once they leave these weekends. 

9. Master list of men from past weekends: Can this be available to all men upon request? Could mug shots be taken to identify these men? The board will take these issues up for discussion. The board has previously discussed identifying men in the group pictures that are sent out. 

10. Brochure Info: It was called to the board’s attention that several brochures came through the mail crushed and some members did not receive the brochure at all. It was noted that the paper used was a lightweight paper and that the tape used did cause some brochures to stick together. The board will work on correcting this issue at the next stamp and fold party. 

11. Board Meetings: All men are welcomed to attend. Contact any board member to find out the dates of next meetings. The Board will discuss future meeting dates. 

12. Tanglewood Policies: This is a Non-Smoking facility however if men need to smoke it has to be at the outside fire pit. Tanglewood is also a nut free environment; we will continue to notify members in the Brochure/Confirmation letter especially regarding the Friday Night Pot Luck dinner. 

13. Emergency Contact Numbers for men during the weekend: The board will discuss how this will be handled with the registration process. 

14. Ghost men to be remembered at each weekend. Brad will bring the rubbing with the names attached to the next weekend. 

15. A thanks goes out to Holbrook for proving the plastic, reusable nametags. All agreed they worked excellent. We will continue the practice. 

16. A Phone-a-Thon is being planned for Jan/Feb to update our mailing list. 

17. April 29, 30, May 1, 2016, weekend responsibilities: 
a. Program Committee – Dan K 
b. Coffee Meister: Carl – Apprentice: Charlie G 
c. Workshop Organizers: Joe, Charles C 
d. Registrar: John. B, Charlie 
e. Food Master Chef: Brad 
f. Fri Night Pot Luck: Jim D 
g. Sat Breakfast: Dan W, and helpers 
h. Sat Lunch: Greg Lewis, John C 
i. Sat Dinner: Charlie C, Ian C. 
j. Sun Breakfast: Ward J. and helpers 
k. Variety Show: Finn G-P, Holbrook 
l. Med Kit Supervisor: Phil E. 
m. Quilt Curator: Joe R. 
n. MCM Curator: Charles G 
o. Tanglewood Liaison: David 
p. Brochure: Dan K 
q. Fire keeper: Holbrook 
r. Keeper of the MCM Bocce Balls: David 
s. Photographer: Maine Bob, backup David H 

18. Tanglewood Porch Posts: Board will discuss how we can support Tanglewood in fixing these loose supports. 

19. “Sweats” were brought up as to how we can have this opportunity at future weekends. In the past there was an issue with nudity on public grounds. The board will discuss this with Tanglewood. 

20. The board would like to remind people to bring musical instruments of all kinds to the weekend. This will be in the brochure as well as the confirmation letter. 

21. A reminder of “consideration” for what is being said at the closing circle to make it a meaningful experience was shared. The opening circle, with the reminders, was excellent as men stayed on task of why they were there and spoke truths about themselves. Each gathering should start with a reminder of the purpose of a “check in” as well as a “check out.”

22. Special Thank You to Phil and Daniel for teaching the group how to use a defibrillator as well as the Heimlich procedure Saturday after lunch. 

23. Meeting adjourned at 9:35 AM. 

Minutes Accepted by the board on October 27, 2015