Date: August 12, 2015 
Place: Thomaston (David’s House) 
Board Members In Attendance: Ward, Don, Brad, Ham, Lew, Carl, David, Maine Bob by phone and Charlie as a guest 
Minutes submitted by: David 

1. Check In 

2. Minutes from 6/17/15 were reviewed and accepted 

3. Treasure’s Report: $2546.46 with no outstanding bills 

4. Charlie updated the board on the Weekend Theme for the October weekend. “In Praise of Wisdom”. Options were discussed; the board is appreciative of Charlie and Ian’s work on this topic. 

5. The board again discussed Check in, purpose, length of each man talking etc. We realize that this topic will not have an answer that satisfies all. Many thoughts were discussed from changing the format to having a “Mercy Rule” if a man is long winded. We discussed times a story is told that has no apparent relevance to what a man is feeling or what he needs to share to be present for the weekend. The issue of people feeling comfortable leaving if they had a hard day was talked about. Ward provided a well-written blurb talking about speaking our truth. It was decided that David, representing the board, will address this issue with the group as we begin the October weekend. Topics such as brevity, using the time to debrief but be aware of rambling, remind people that one person speaks and all will listen, without interruption. Also giving permission for a person to feel perfectly fine with leaving the circle if they feel it is going on too long. It is also important to encourage people to speak their truth and use this time to arrive fully at the weekend. 

6. Brochure: David will contact Dan to be sure that we include the Tree nut policy followed at Tanglewood (No tree nuts of any kind). Confirmation letter to include a statement to contact Brad with any allergies or request for certain types of foods such as Vegan, Gluten Free items etc. 

7. Electronic Payment- This is still being worked on and we are not ready to implement for this October retreat. 

8. Brochure Folding and Stamp Party: Ham’s place of employment- Evergreen 15 Tillson 6-8 on August 12. Lew to get 275 stamps, Ham to get scotch tape. 

9. Summer Celebration: It was decided that it would be cancelled for this year. 

10. Med Kit/Bocce Balls update: Med kit is being worked on by Joe R and the Bocce Balls would be bought at LL Beans for the Warranty by David. 

11. Website – Maine Bob agreed to update website with the minutes from the past year and a half. If he no longer has them he will contact David for copies. 

12. Phone-a-Thon: It was decided not to do one for this weekend but to do one in winter, possibly January to see if men still want to be on the list. Ham brought to our attention the need to purge the list of 275 to a more manageable number. 

13. Commemorative Coin Project – Ward: Reciprocity, Nurturing, Truth, Honesty, Honor, Respect are all attributes of MCM. The word reciprocity was defined in several ways. Ward is offering an opportunity for men to connect and stay connected with this idea. The board will re-visit this item at the meeting after the weekend. 

14. Number of Members on the board: It was decided to have 13 after we discovered that was the number of the current board. 

15. Mission statement: The statement that David presented will be shared at the business meeting. Simpler the better. 

The mission of MCM is to create a space where men can come and explore issues that are important to self in an encouraging and confidential environment. 

16. By-laws will be continually worked on in the format of “decisions made” all in one place. Motto of MCM will be discussed at the Stamp and Fold Party. Possibly have a large piece of paper for men to make suggestions on at the next weekend. 

17. Next meeting: If anyone feels the need we can meet before the weekend – use e-mail to contact all members. 

Accepted by board members via e-mail 10/16/2015